20+ Valet Trays for Keys, Coins and More: Made in USA

There was a time when the word “valet” referred to an assistant who followed you around and helped you with selecting clothing and accessories and making sure that you left his care looking immaculate. For certain members of our society, that person might still exist but, for most of us, the term “valet” refers to the sometimes  simple, sometimes ornate tray or storage box that we are featuring today.

At home, I use a leather valet that was my father’s and still has his initials printed on it. When I looked at it while writing the post, it bought back fond memories of sneaking a peak inside to see his watch, a bunch of JFK silver dollars and cuff links.aechangetray This change tray from Allen Edmonds is simple and elegantvaletboxesCheck out these beautiful wood valets from Modern Artisan.valettrayAccessory trays from Wendell August come in a huge variety of styleslittlewing_traysThese Little Wing Valet Valet Trays come in a charming cluster of colors.catchallGigi New York has several designs for what they call “catchalls.”leathertraysThe Leather Catch-All Trays at Food54 come in two sizes

trinkettraysThese Trinket Trays can be used by men and women.

valettray_twinsaintsTwin Saints Leather offers a variety of rustic-style valet trays, with themes ranging from religious to recovery to the company logo, above.blakejones_valetThese leather desk trays are from Blake Jones Designs.

redzentrayThis Red Zen ceramic tray is intended as a sushi plate but I think it makes a lovely valet tray for the right decor.

billykirk_trayYou can also find a variety of leather trays at Billykirk.


Three New American-Made Duffel Bags to Add to Our Mega-List.

We’ve just updated our post “22 Terrific Duffel Bags Made in the USA” with three beautiful new additions. woven-duffel 9-df_dufflebagOrvis Tartan DuffelHead on over to the full post to see all the USA-made choices.

New Bomber and Moto Jackets from Buck Mason. Damn!

If there was ever a new product announcement capable of stopping me in my tracks, this was the one: an email from Buck Mason picturing two new leather jackets; one a classic bomber and the other a classic motorcycle jacket. Both are Made in America.

Buckmason_bomberThe bomber jacket grabbed my attention because, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my Dad served in the Army Air Corp in WWII on a B-17, and we always shared a love of classic warplanes and everything related to them. Leather bomber jackets are among my favorite clothing items.
moto1The motorcycle jacket grabbed my attention because, after many years and a few false starts, this blogger is finally getting his motorcycle license. I took the class with my daughter when she got her license – and passed with flying colors – but that was out of state so I had an amazing adventure with her but no license to show for it.

This time there will be a real license at the end and I am thrilled. Of course, this means there is a whole new world of goods I can explore with serious intention when it comes to motorcycles.buck_mason-brown-leather-bomber-jacket_thumb

Back to the bomber: It  has the classic lines of the A-2 jackets worn by American aviators during WWII. Its official name was” Jacket, Flying, Type A2″ but airmen took to calling it a “bomber” and the name stuck.  According to the website, it is “cut from a lightweight, supple calf-hide, mellowed to a dark, amber brown, and accented with snap closures, and real deal A2 cuffs.”buck_mason-black-leather-moto-jacket_thumb

To me, the motorcycle jacket looks similar to a Schott Perfecto.  While I haven’t tried on a Buck Mason jacket, I have tried on a Perfecto and the look makes you feel like a total badass. The Moto Jacket, according to the site,  features “6 ounce calf in a soft shine, with lightly pebbled grain, interior pocket, and a quilted lining to keep you warm.”

Both jackets available for pre-order for shipment in late October, at $100 off their normal retail price.

Ride (and fly) safe,


It’s Fall: Check-Out Duckworth’s Merino Wool Garments

duckworth_wool3Over the last few years we have really come to appreciate the comfort of wool and especially merino wool. Gone are the days when a wool garment meant an uncomfortable scratchy feel against your body. Today’s soft, high quality, lightweight wool fibers can be used in base layers, single-layers and even all-weather garments. Yes, you can wear wool all year!duckworth_woolThat’s the message put out by Duckworth, a source-verified wool company based in Montana, which uses 100% Helle Rambouillet merino wool. The company claims that the elevation and natural conditions where the sheep are raised helps create a very unique wool fiber.duckworth_wool2Duckworth garments are 100% Made in USA. The sheep are from Montana and the wool is shipped to the Carolinas for spinning, knitting and sewing.

To support the Americanologists, you can buy Duckworth garments through  Backcountry  or Huckberry (we get a small commission from the sale). You can also buy direct from the company.



Trayvax Wallet Giveaway: We Have A Winner

walletCongratulations, Sharon S., on your winning entry in our Trayvax Element Wallet and Key Chain giveaway! The win comes just in time because the photo above shows Sharon’s current “wallet.”

Here is her entry:

I gave up on purses decades ago. Anyone who needs to haul around all that stuff is doing something wrong.
I downsized to a long wallet, euphemistically known as a ‘wristlet’.
That was too cumbersome and I just knew I would leave it in a grocery cart somewhere.
The little credit card holder I transitioned into was too small.
So, I am now a binder-clip woman.
It does the job but I feel like I should be pushing around a shopping cart with all my belongings in L.A.
But when I saw this Trayvax holder I knew we would get along.
Besides, I am pure cajun and Mississippi mud (the wallet color) is in my DNA.
…and my rear pocket’s been looking for a good imprint for a long time.
Warm regards,

We give Sharon some style points for her choice of clip, but  we think, in the end, the Trayvax Wallet will be much more functional and make it easier to open a bottle.


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