Is Your Valentine Sporty? Or Sweet? We’ve Got American-Made Gifts for Both

Today, we’re going shopping for Valentine’s Day presents at The Grommet, a place to find unique and imaginative gifts. This link takes you all their American-made items. Below are some of our favorites for sporty folks and those who love their sweets.

SPORTY:The Swurfer is a crazy-fun-looking swing developed by a surfer to prepare his kids for riding the waves. It can be used by kids and adults.This friendly mat makes yoga accessible, even to beginnersThis super-charged pogo stick can jump as high as 6 feet!

Bouy Ball is a perfect sport for the backyard or the beach and, because the bat has such a big, fat sweet spot, even the little ones as young as four can take a swing!
Hammerhead2You can have the fun of paddle boarding even when you’re on dry land. Check out the Hammerhead! They are manufactured in Virginia Beach, with wood from Pennsylvania.The Spooner Balance Board is not only fun, but a source of exercise.


MadeinUSAchocolateRebrand Chocolates: They’re not only beautiful, they’re chocolate! How can you go wrong?

How much fun would it be to have a piñata cake that you smash open to reveal fine chocolates? You choose the message.

How about Peppermint Hot Chocolate for 12?Have you ever heard of Pavitica bread? It’s a Slavic treat said to be perfect for breakfast.
RedKiteCandyRed Kite Candy makes charmingly packaged sweets for your sweetheart.

You’ve never seen fortune cookies like this before! Flavors include: Milk Chocolate with Toffee Crunch and Dark Chocolate with Almonds.

Happy Shopping!

Regards, Kathy


20 Sources of Jewelry for Your Sweetheart: Made in USA

Last year, Americans spent $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day, $4.5 billion of it on jewelry. This year, let’s direct some of that spending toward American businesses. Here are some Made-in-USA jewelry brands, with prices ranging from $30 to $30,000



Rebecca Lankford


Alex & Ani

ShebeeAdonnah Langer

Zoe Chicco

Carole Lebriz PerezEden Presley

Anna Sheffield


EF CollectionJane TaylorLori McLeanMateo JewelryAdel ChefritiWWakeLanaSuzanne Kalan


Motorcycle Jackets from Schott NYC: A True-Blue American Success Story

I took a motorcycle safety class with my daughter a while back and the instructor asked, ‘Why do we ride motorcycles?’ Then she answered her own question: “to have fun and look cool!”This is on my mind because I’m preparing to buy myself a new motorcycle jacket. I know that safety comes first, but looking good kind of matters to me so I have been searching for just the right style. One of the brands that I’m considering is  SchottNYC.

Before we look at the jackets let’s consider Schott’s history. The company was founded over 100 years ago by Jack and Irving Schott, brothers who started-out making raincoats but quickly moved into leather goods. The Perfecto name, now synonymous with Schott jackets, was borrowed from Irving’s favorite cigar. From WWII (bomber jackets and Navy peacoats) to the Wild Ones (Brando in a Schott Perfecto One) to the Punk Rock movement (the Ramones and Blondie wore the Perfecto), Schott has been there. An interesting factoid: After the Wild Ones debuted, Schott’s sales suffered when high schools banned the jackets due to the hoodlum image portrayed in the movie. Schott has been a family-owned business for 4 generations and their USA-made garments are also  Union-made.

Enough history. Here are the goods:The classic Perfecto. I doubt I could make it look as good as Brando did!My personal favorite is the Cafe Racer. The Cafecto above has styling queues from both the Perfecto and the Cafe Racer jackets.

Whatever your style, these are beautiful jackets made by artisans. While they  don’t accept body armor, they are made from very heavy hides so the abrasion protection will be there. You can also wear a padded shirt underneath, which I’m looking at.
Not only does Schott make a very nice line of motorcycle jackets but some of their other jackets do a great job updating classic looks. The Peacoat above features leather trim around the hand warmer pockets.Classic Shearling BomberA unique take on a Plaid Hunters Jacket.

If you explore the Schott page there are some imported items but most of the jackets are Union Made here in America. If you want to take a quick visual tour of the factory you can click this link.



Dango Multi-Tool and Wallet: The Best of Both Worlds

We could write countless posts about wallets and multi-tools but what makes the Dango offering so cool is how it meets both criteria in a neat and functional package.The Dango design minimizes the sharp edges of the multi-tool within the framework of the wallet so your jeans pocket is not the first victim of the tool’s functionality.The Dango features 14 different tools and has a top grain leather finish available in three colors: Black, Raw Hide or Whiskey Tan. The wallet has enough room to hold 12 credit cards and is TSA compliant. The multi-tool, though you can’t carry-on and will will need to check.
Like all good multi-tools, the all-important bottle opener is included.Are you likely to use all of the multi-tools? I guess that depends on your Macgyver quotient, but isn’t it nice to know they are there?



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