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A Guy’s Guide: 10 Tasteful Lingerie Gifts Made in the USA

With Valentine’s Day approaching, hordes of hopeful men will head out in search of sexy underthings for their girlfriends and wives. Unfortunately, much of what they’ll buy will be tacky “teddies,” chafing thongs and other garments that women hate.

This year, take a different approach and buy something elegant, luxurious and more likely to make her feel good about herself. Better fabrics, modern designs and a little more coverage can go a long way toward making your honey feel beautiful and desirable. Here are some ideas, all made in the USA.
The Flora Nkrooz Showstopper Robe is a perfect example of a grown-up lingerie gift. it’s sensual, luxurious and has the surprise of a sheer back when she turns around.The Showstopper Chemise, also by Flora Nikrooz is just lovely, with flowered coverage on the bodice, a sheer back and a flowing skirt.

Really good lingerie is usually made of silk. It feels great against the skin and looks beautiful. These Arak’s Cadel Slips are available  in black and phthalo ( a blue-green; and no, we never heard that word before either).The Hanky Panky Ariel Lace Bodysuit has plenty of coverage, but its see-through lace shows off her curves.Speaking of curves, don’t hold back on the lingerie just because your woman is plus-size. As long as she enjoys wearing sexy things, there are plenty of gifts available in her size, such as this Signature Lace Bodysuit.A shy girl might appreciate this Magnolia Knit Chemise, from Flora Nikrooz. It’s more pretty than provocative, but still perfect for a romantic evening.
The same goes for this Commando Peacock Black Print Chemise, although it’s color scheme is a little more exotic.The Hanky Panky Shadow Stripe Bodysuit has complete coverage in the front, but the back is all peek-a-boo openings, and the bottom one cuts very low.Another option is the Debutante Maxi-Slip.And finally, Faux Fur and Satin Robes by Giraffe at Home.


Gifts We Got and Gave: Made in USA

Another holiday season has come and gone and we were fortunate enough to give and get some wonderful American-made presents. Let’s start with the clothes:
Paul got a denim jacket from Todd Shelton, which he absolutely loves. (It’s currently sold out, unfortunately)We gave Paul’s sister a cute shirt she wanted from Bobeau, a clothing company we just learned about this year.And, as usual, all our stockings included American-made wool socks purchased at Sierra Trading Post.ElkVenisonBisonFor some reason, we ended up giving quite a few food gifts this year. I guess it’s a testament to the quality of Wisconsin-made foods that I received a Wisconsin cheese basket from a friend at the same time I sent her family a box of Wisconsin Specialty Sausages. And we both live on the East Coast!

We gave lots of food items from Stonewall Kitchen, which I love. All their food products are Made in America.Other friends sent us some very tasty chocolates from the Chocolate Lab in Bethlehem, PA and we received some incredible steaks from Allen Brothers, which has been in business since 1893, despite its wallet-emptying prices.
imageWe gave our science-loving daughter an anatomical print by Beth MacDonald (above) of The Printed Vintage.And a gift certificate toward a new couch she’s going to buy at West Elm (Lots of American-made items to choose from).Paul and I exchanged beauty and grooming products by Brothers’ Artisan Oil (pomade)…LeLabo (soap)……and Thorn and Bloom (botanical fragrance).

I also received this pair of autographed books by Craig Johnson – I’m a big fan of the Longmire TV series.

…and a book about my hometown.Paul got Springsteen’s autobiography.

Hope your holiday was equally enjoyable. Here’s to  2017!

Regards, Kathy

The Americanologists’ Roundup of Made-in-USA Gifts

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