Lucchese’s Roper Boots on Sale: Made in USA

For a limited time you can purchase a pair of men’s Lucchese Cannon Roper Boots on sale at Huckberry. The company has been around for 130 years and their old-world boot-making is legendary (as are their prices).

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the link above. Please do!The Cannon is a classic Western boot  but with a more standard height heel. The boots are constructed with a premium suede goat leather and a leather sole. The boots are handcrafted in Texas using classic construction methods such as putting lemonwood pegs in the heel instead of nails, because they naturally expand and contract with the leather.I like the round toe – the boot has that Western flair, but it isn’t over the top for a casual New Jersey office, where a high heel and pointed toe can look a little over the top. And they  just look great with a pair of jeans.

The boots come in two colors: black and brown and have a great understated style.



Minimalist Delights from Kalon Studios: Made in USA

This weekend, I came across a line of absolutely beautiful minimalist furnishings from Kalon Studios. Each piece is boiled down to its essence, injected with a shot of whimsy and meticulously crafted from fine materials.  Here are some examples of their work:

The Divan Twin works for seating or sleepingEcho is one of several children’s collections, designed for the owners’ own brood.The No. 5 Series couch offers many modular options.Just looking at the pure simplicity and beauty of the Kalon Tray, I know it would be a joy to use.

See more at the Kalon Studios site.

Regards, Kathy

USA-Made Waterhog Mats Have Expanded from the Factory to the Family Home

If you’ve worked in a manufacturing or industrial setting, you probably already know today’s maker. But now, they’re moving into products for the home.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through some of the links in this post. Please do!Waterhog mats and rugs are everywhere in the industrial world, soaking up water or containing grease or protecting workers’ feet.

Their home products have much the same functions, but are way friendlier to look at. Above, top is the Daisy doormat, and above, bottom, the Boot Tray.You can even have your Waterhog Doormat personalized.

The latest designs are an even greater departure from the Waterhog’s beginnings.

See all the available designs at Plow and Hearth, go here.

Regards, Kathy



No, The Little America Backpack Isn’t Made in America

I find it really annoying when a product is marketed in such a way that it appears to be Made-in-USA when it’s not.

Screen-grab from Herschel Supply Website

The latest example I came across is made by Herschel Supply and it’s called “The Little America Backpack.” Unfortunately, it’s made in China. Not that it says that on the Company web site – I had to look up the country of origin on several vendor sites.

As I’ve said before, I wish that the labelling required by U.S. Customs applied to websites too: If the name of ANY location that is not the country of manufacture appears on the product, it must be accompanied by the words “Made in” or a comparable phrase, along with the actual country of manufacture. So, a pitch like, “Get a Splash of Miami with Florida Joe’s Aftershave,” would have to be followed immediately by “Made in Vietnam,” if that’s where it was actually manufactured. And, any mention of the Little America Backpack would have to be followed by “Made in China.”

Regards, Kathy

Leather Flip-Flops For Men and Women: Made in the USA

The past few weeks have brought some very strange weather to the Northeast. The month of May has felt more like April with buckets of  rain and cool temperatures. Finally, though, it looks like the warm weather is ready to settle in and we can put the heavy boots away for the season and break out some summer footwear.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through some of the links in this post. Please do!The basic leather sandal, like these by Ocean Rider (above and below) feature a hand-made leather strap, a non-skid rubber sole and a leather footbed.
If you crave a little flash of color, choose embroidered webbing with nautical or patriotic designs -or a skull and crossbones design with a fish in its mouth!

For women, SAS has cute leather flip-flops and sandals in multiple colors and styles.Luna Sandals, for men and women, are made in Seattle.

Finally, we found these men’s leather flip-flops at Brooks Brothers.



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