A Dozen Durable Work Pants and Work Jeans Made-in-USA

This post is dedicated to my cousin Jim, who says that he can’t find American-made work pants.Stan-Ray Apparel produces Double Knee Construction Pants, Carpenter Pants, Cargo Pants, Painter’s Overalls and more. They don’t have their own online store yet, but check out the selection at All Seasons Work Uniforms.

Round House offers carpenter jeans, everyday jeans and overalls for men. If you need some jeans for a really dirty job, they sell their irregulars at crazy-low prices starting at $14.95.Duluth Trading makes the humorously-named Ballroom Jeans with hidden gusset.The All American Clothing Company has a variety of jeans for men and women. They don’t really make a distinction between work jeans and other styles, but you can kind of judge for yourself.

L.C. King Manufacturing, the creators of Pointer Brand workwear, makes coveralls, overalls, work pants and jeans for men and women.Texas Jeans has multiple styles of denim, including fire-resistant work jeans for men.These Union Line Carpenter Jeans can be found on All USA Clothing.Red Ants Pants specializes in workwear for women.

Steamhorse Railroad Gauge Gusset Workpants feature “extra room in the caboose.”Diamond Gusset also makes gusseted jeans for men and women.Carhartt has three remaining styles of work pants on its site that are made in the USA. However, another American-made style – perhaps older stock – is being sold on the All USA Clothing site.

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