10 Phenomenal Flask Designs: Made-in-USA

Since my teens, I’ve always thought that carrying a flask full of some great libation was incredibly cool. But even though there are moments when a quick pull of a smooth whiskey is very satisfying, the fact is I’m not much of a drinker. That isn’t to say I don’t still want to own a flask, but the chances are I’ll probably have one filled with a soft drink as opposed to a hair of the dog. Whatever you’re drinking, here are the vessels for getting your favorite beverage from the bottle to your lips and they are all made here in the USA.

We’ll start out with the famous flasks of Jacob Bromwell.
flask_3The Great American Flask

thevermonterThe Vermonter

LibertyFlaskThe hammered-look Liberty Flask

flask01The Bigger-sized Green Mountain Flask


The Doc Holliday Flask


The Ethan Allen Flask


And the 24K gold-plated “Gold Edition” Flask.

Rich wood adds a warmth to the outside of this flask by Woodchuck at Allen Edmonds.

Classic and to the point! Boardman flasks are made from lead-free pewter and come in various sizes and shapes.

flask_sundanceThese imaginative flask designs are available from Sundance.

These flasks from Brixard are especially elegant. At left is the Padauk Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask. At right is the Macassar Ebony Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask

For something a little bit different, try this ceramic flask from Food52.


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