10 Chefs’ Knives Made in USA

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One of the things I get a lot of personal satisfaction from is cooking a good meal on my grill. There are so many elements that go into pulling off a successful meal and much of it comes down to having the right ingredients and tools.

In this case I am talking about knives. Whether I’m slicing a marinated flank steak or preparing vegetables for the grill I always appreciate having a couple of sharp knives at hand. I had a few low-end knives in my younger years and made messes of quite a few beautiful dishes by hacking them to pieces. I later invested in better quality knives and there really is a difference. At the time, I chose Wusthof (this was before my “Made-in-USA” days) but I now own a beautiful knife from New West Knifeworks too.

There are so many specialty knives out there but, for today, we’ll  focus on the all-purpose chef’s knife. Here are 10, covering a range of costs and workmanship and all made in the USA. Let’s start with the most affordable:

RadaKnifeRada been making kitchen knives in America since the 1940s.  Their products are sold through parties and for fundraisers, as well as through independent reps. A chef’s knife sells for under $20.
Dexter Russell Chef’s Knives are also in the ‘very affordable’ category. They are under $30.RMurphyKnivesR. Murphy was established in 1850 in Boston. The chef’s knives are made from high carbon stainless steel and each knife has a Rosewood handle. As of this writing, prices for chef’s knives ranged from $55 to $110. A special line of their knives made from recycled wood are sold exclusively by Food52. These range from $115 to $125.

ChefsKnivesWarther Cutlery has been making knives in the USA since 1902. Shown above are their steel 7″ and 9″ French Chef Knives, with a curved edge designed for chopping and dicing vegetables. The prices of these knives as of this writing range from $70 – $103.

CutcoKnifeCUTCO Cutlery is the largest maker of kitchen cutlery and accessories in the United States and Canada. Most of their products are made in USA, including their Chef’s Knives, priced at $124 to $149.CutleryLamson (formerly Lamson & Goodnow) is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts in 1837.  They manufacture both stamped and forged cutlery. Prices as of this writing for their chef’s knives range from $82 to $135. Lamson knives are also shown in the header photo for this post.KnivesNew West Knifeworks offers a line of 100% American Made Chef Knives. Their Fusionwood chef’s knives are made in Shelburne Falls Massachussetts with 100% American Steel and wood sustainably harvested in Vermont. The prices of these knives as of this writing:  $269.00 to $289.00

knife_wall_7-30-14_725_544Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn creates high-end kitchen knives one at a time in his shop. Each time you visit his site, the inventory might be completely different, but you have to be quick because he sells out in a flash. Everything he makes comes with lifetime service. As of this writing, prices for chef’s knives ranged from $350 – $650.

knivesMiddleton Made Knives is a new venture by bladesmith Quintin Middleton of South Carolina. Each knife is custom-made using high carbon steel. As of this writing, prices for chef’s knives ranged from $280 – $900.

SHOT_03_V2_124Chelsea Miller  is a Brooklyn-based knife maker who uses found materials such as horse shoe rasps and wood from her family’s farm to make her unique knives.  As of this writing, the prices for all chef’s knives was $800.

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