14 Designs: Rucksacks & Backpacks: Made-in-USA

Everyone knows a backpack when they see it, but what about a rucksack? The word Rucksack is derived from German and means “back bag.”  So what’s the difference? Usually the rucksack has a bit more heft to it, sometimes with a roll-down top or straps for carrying your sleeping bag.  So, while some of these might look like backpacks, they are defined by their manufacturers as rucksacks.  Is that clear?
Anyway, here’s a nice collection of American-made rucksacks and backpacks that will have you toting your stuff in style.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!The newest addition to our list is the Filson Medium Backpack. Rugged, handsome and made by a long-established American manufacturer, this bag even includes a snap-off pouch you can carry separately.KP4A9827This beautiful leather rucksack by Loyal Stricklin even has a pocket for your axe (not included).

abby-rucksackGuaranteed for life and made in the USA, the canvas and leather rucksack from Duluth Pack is durable and stylish.cache_560_600_0_0_80_topo_designs_rover_pack_navy
Made from a synthetic material called Cordura, the
Topo Designs Rover Pack
 comes in a variety of colors and is made in Colorado.
Megaton_backpackThe Mega-Megaton backpack from Brooklyn Industries is made of Cordura and waxed sailcloth._7258086
Made from cotton twill and bridle leather is this great-looking rucksack by Filson.


This stylish backpack from Yuketen is made of Wool felt and leather.585701_mrp_ou_lIt’s also available in a striped pattern.

UntitledEvery time I see the Goruck name I just envision a tough durable product and this Rucksack is guaranteed for life.

92021-Red-Oxx-Rail-King-Railroad-Rucksack-heroThe Redoxx Rail King generates a great image of riding the rails on some great adventure.

440-rucksackversions150Veteran owned and made in the USA, these canvas rucksacks from Cross Canvas can also be customized.

Minnesota closeupThe Minnesota Special from Alder Stream Canvas is made in Kingfield, Maine.

25B0203This rucksack from Garrett Wade features waxed cotton twill, Horween leather and solid brass hardware.

IMG_0977_1024x1024With a slightly more modern flair,  the Dsptch Ruckpack still offers all the normal and crucial features you need in a pack.

thumbs_802-GreenAcorn-01Made from ballistic nylon and chromexal leather, the Altadena Works rucksack can have pockets easily added to it to expand its carrying capacity.

main-bag-sanctionThis weatherproof rucksack is from Mission Workshop and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
rucksack_slate_websizeFrom Goods of Record comes this beautiful rucksack made by Riegel Goods. It is handmade by Nathan Smith, who is featured in the header photo hard at work.


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