100+ Styles of Sunglasses: Made in USA

NordsrtomNordstrom carries more than 80 styles of Made-in-USA sunglasses for men and women –  brands like Randolph Engineering, Oakley and Shwood. See them all here.


Allen Edmonds carries two brands of American-made shades, Capital Eyewear (above) and Randolph Engineering.Randolph5

Frames Direct also carries multiple Randolph Engineering styles, if you want to comparison-shop.Gatorz_MadeinUSAGatorz Sunglasses are Made in America from aircraft-grade aluminum, have 100% UV protection, are shatterproof AND, a portion of the profits go to the Navy Seal Foundation.


You’ll find over 100 results in this search for Shwood sunglasses on Zappos. I couldn’t find a way to weed out the acetate frames they make overseas, so just keep an eye on that. Also, don’t confuse Shwood sunglasses with the Wooed or Woodzee brands, neither of which are American-made.


Sharon Sunglasses/frames can be found at Cool Frames, Eyeglasses.com and Kaufmann Mercantile. These classics were worn  by many national figures, including President Kennedy and Malcolm X. The 1940s design was the first to follow the shape of the browline.

siresSires Eyewear makes mid-century styles in new wood-based materials. Made in L.A.

searsSears has multiple styles from a company called American Optics…

LiquidAnd multiple styles from Liquid Eyewear.

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3 thoughts on “100+ Styles of Sunglasses: Made in USA”

  1. Proof eyewear is not made in the US (likely the exact same factory as Wooed and Woodzee). If you google it, you can find interviews where they talk about manufacturing their product in Asia. I will say, they definitely obscure this fact with their “handmade” marketing, so I’m sure you’re not the first person to make this mistake.

    1. Thanks for spotting that. You’re right, I did take the discussions of Proof’s Idaho shop to mean that the glasses were made there, but it’s just laser-engraving, polishing and packaging that takes place in the USA. I’ve made the change to the post.

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