17 Heavenly Humidors: Made in USA

I love my man cave. More importantly, I love how it smells. Leather, pipe tobacco and the smell of a glass or two of old wine . I occasionally open up my fathers humidor and and let the aroma of old cigars and pipe tobacco fill the room. Since I don’t smoke, my dad’s humidor has become a place for personal keepsakes.

For those of you purchasing humidors today, the real purpose is to store those precious cigars, keeping them fresh and at the ready for when the mood strikes. We’ve found some wonderful American-made designs and, though they have a practical purpose, some of them are works of art.

UntitledProduced by Michael Dixon in Maryland, these are rich looking humidors.

123Humidors are just one of the items made by Exotic Savannah Wood Works. Check out all their humidors here.

the50deluxe-1A 50 caliber ammo case doubling as a humidor, how cool is that? From Ammodors.

NTY3LTUyNy4yMTQ3OA==Check out the wide selection of humidors available from Custom Made.

MmericanChestAmerican Chest has humidors with very American names. Check out the Delaware, the Jefferson and the Washington.

tn_480_e2b83a14b413a8f1063a9c91c4e3d4a3.JPGOne of a kind and hand made by a master craftsman,  these humidors are from the workshop of Paul A Schuster.

P-14_10Count_TrayDesigned as a travel humidor, the Armored case has an incredibly rugged look.

IMG_6715_1024x1024A veteran-owned small business called Wudy Werks makes these unique humidors.

chdthum01The desk-top humidor from the Old Virginia Tobacco Company, made from Bubinga or Cherry, is a nice addition to any office.

12345Posing as a piece of furniture, this humidor  from  Bradshaw and Kirchofer Fine Furniture holds your precious smokes.

lancelotWhat I really like about the Gryphon humidor is not only the beautiful craftsmanship but the eco friendly pledge to plant 20 trees when you purchase their desk top model.

Humidor_top-600x466Here is a totally different approach to the humidor, the Durango is hand carved from Indiana limestone.

slider1This handcrafted humidor is from Raposo. It looks like their website is currently under construction, but it’s worth re-checking later.

tn_1200_humidor1koamaple.jpgLocated in Charlotte NC the Carolina Wood Designs Co make a range of products including humidors.

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  1. One humidor maker that I found is fairly new is Lance Allen Humidors. I bought one last year and I am impressed. I was a little hesitant due to the new builder, but the humidor is solid. I spent just over $300 and the humidor it great. I would recommend this builder to a friend.

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