16 Pea Coats For Men and Women: Made in the USA

(Updated October 25, 2016)

According to the U.S. Navy, the term “pea coat” has been around since at least 1723.  The heavy topcoats worn by sailors in those days were made of a material called “Pilot Cloth” or “P-Cloth” for short. The outerwear made from it  were called p-jackets or p-coats — later a pea coat. Hard to believe that anything can stay in style for nearly 300 years, but the pea coat is still going strong. Here’s what’s on the market now: sterlingwearSterlingwear makes authentic Wool Naval Peacoats for men and women. fleurettecoatsFluerette makes peacoats in several colors for women. SlimFitCoatsSchottPeacoats Schott NYC makes peacoat for men and women in wool and even leather.peacoats_usaNordstrom has slim-fit men’s peacoats.fidelityFidelity offers a wool pea coat for men.imageRalph Lauren has a limited-edition, luxury pea coat for men.OrvisPeaCoat Built in America, the Orvis Pea Coat was adopted as standard issue by the US Navy in the early 20th century. WR_16620_GYS For something a little different, how about this Men’s Dock Worker Pea Coat from Woolrich. Stay warm! Regards, Kathy

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