American Workbench: Made in the USA

I was looking for work benches for my job when I found American Workbench. I would love to outfit our factory with some of these beautiful wood work stations, but I think our customers might question whether we are charging too much for our products to be able to put something this sharp on the production floor. Maybe one day I can have one for myself, though.

Ashley_Hall_1-526x360The Ashley Hall with optional vices.

Minuteman1-620x343The great thing about the Minuteman, the lower drawers will help hide all your junk (I mean important stuff).

The workbenches are made in Charlestown, SC. and all you have to do is check out the web page to see that there is a great deal of pride in their craftsmanship. The wood grain is really highlighted by the finishes, of which there is a good variety. Most of the workbenches  feature solid maple butcher block-style  tops.

newmaplelowangle-497x234Nice and basic: the Patriot.

American Workbench offers a range of options including drawers, casters, custom engraving and more (Best shown on the Benjamin Franklin model in the header photo). You will need some basic tools to put the workbench together, but think of it as practice for all of the cool projects you will eventually undertake.

Check them out and if you’ve been meaning to ditch that beat-up metal and pressboard workbench, this just might be the right time and place.



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