Goorin Brothers Hats: The Made-in-USA Collection

You know what’s great about wearing a hat besides keeping your head warm and dry? A hat lets you play with the idea of transforming into someone else. And when you step out as someone different, people can’t help but look at you differently. Sport a fedora and imagine yourself in the Rat Pack or as a certain Ad Man on Madison Avenue. Put on a hat like the Barcelona and you can be a flapper hanging out with Gatsby.

Hats can set you apart from the crowd. There is no way you can wear the Pork Pie Heisenberg shown above and not command attention.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shops are located thoughout the country, but keep in mind that most of their merchandise is no longer American-made. All those shown at the link we provided are Made-in-the-USA but please make sure you check out the detailed info before making a selection.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Cowboy JakeGoorin Bros. might refer to it as the Cowboy Jake but if I were sporting this hat it would be the Marshall Raylan Givens.

Laura WilderThe Laura Wilder is based on the western frontier shape of the 1930’s hat and is made of 100% wool.

RedRicciI personally love the look of a Fedora like the Red Ricci but my daughter would rather walk on the other side of the street than be seen standing next to me.

BarcelonaThe Barcelona is a 1920’s-inspired straw cloche hat.


Paul and Kathy

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