20 Tough Made-in-USA Work Aprons

I was doing some simple maintenance work on my bicycle this weekend and ended up with just enough oil and grease on my clothes to make me wish I had worn an apron (or some really crummy clothes). So, in this updated post, you’ll find lots of American-Made work aprons, one of which I will have to make a point to buy myself. hardmillapronsMultiple styles of rugged work aprons can be found at Hardmill, a company started by two brothers in Seattle.nyapronsUnder New York Sky creates aprons for men and women using denim, cotton, leather and other materials. BlueCut makes a range of aprons, one of our favorites is the Mason which features a denim kevlar mix with copper rivets. hickory_stripe_splitOne of the local manufacturers that I want to visit is Norman Porter out of Philadelphia, PA. They offer 32″ long work aprons made from 100% cotton featuring a pencil pocket and two waist pockets. unnamedHedley and Bennett caters to the food industry (pardon the pun), but since you might typically reach for a cold one after completing that woodworking or other project, we figure it should be included.


Brooklyn-based Kill Devil Hill makes custom aprons. The one above is called the Australia.
325T_olive_tim_square_resize_grandeWaxed canvas artisan apron from the Artifact Bag Company.

 Capps Leather Work Apron, Baldwin Oak by Moore & Giles.
Leather aprons from Moonshine Leather blues
 Prison Blues Aprons: Made by prisoners serving time in the East Oregon Correctional Institute.
ladies-cotton-stripe-cross-back-apron-pocket-8 ladies-denim-cross-back-apron-first-3
Designed for women, these Cross-Back Aprons were inspired by an apron owned by the Dutch grandmother of Adriana Kielder and is handmade with long-time friend Reiko Nakamura in New York City.
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Crossback Aprons from Butcher & Baker.
Waxed Canvas Shop Apron by Randi Jo Fabrications

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