20 Tough Made-in-USA Work Aprons

I was doing some simple maintenance work on my bicycle this weekend and ended up with just enough oil and grease on my clothes to make me wish I had worn an apron (or some really crummy clothes). So, in this updated post, you’ll find lots of American-Made work aprons, one of which I will have to make a point to buy myself. hardmillapronsMultiple styles of rugged work aprons can be found at Hardmill, a company started by two brothers in Seattle.nyapronsUnder New York Sky creates aprons for men and women using denim, cotton, leather and other materials. Filson apronFilson’s Tin Cloth Apron looks like it can take any punishment you can dish out,hickory_stripe_splitOne of the local manufacturers that I want to visit is Norman Porter out of Philadelphia, PA. They offer 32″ long work aprons made from 100% cotton featuring a pencil pocket and two waist pockets. unnamedHedley and Bennett caters to the food industry (pardon the pun), but since you might typically reach for a cold one after completing that woodworking or other project, we figure it should be included.


Brooklyn-based Kill Devil Hill makes custom aprons. The one above is called the Australia.
325T_olive_tim_square_resize_grandeWaxed canvas artisan apron from the Artifact Bag Company.

 Capps Leather Work Apron, Baldwin Oak by Moore & Giles.
Leather aprons from Moonshine Leather blues
 Prison Blues Aprons: Made by prisoners serving time in the East Oregon Correctional Institute.
ladies-cotton-stripe-cross-back-apron-pocket-8 ladies-denim-cross-back-apron-first-3
Designed for women, these Cross-Back Aprons were inspired by an apron owned by the Dutch grandmother of Adriana Kielder and is handmade with long-time friend Reiko Nakamura in New York City.
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Crossback Aprons from Butcher & Baker.
Waxed Canvas Shop Apron by Randi Jo Fabrications

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