“Justified” Fashion According to The Americanologists: Made in the USA

One of my favorite shows, Justified, just ended its run. The storyline was a classic example of good (Raylan Givens) versus evil (Boyd Crowder) and a great update on the western. Raylan has just the right amount of swagger, along with a touch of Gary Cooper, quiet yet strong.  Then there is Boyd, the most eloquent fictional villain to come out of Harlan County, KY.

Now, I can’t tell you that the actors portraying Raylan or Boyd always wore American-made clothing on screen, but having watched the show and done a fair amount of research for this blog, I am going to do my best to give you two outfits that encompass the spirit of two of my favorite characters on TV.

The Good: Raylan Givens
Let’s start with the boots.


Raylan wears custom-made ostrich-leather boots, but these Lucchese Anderson Smooth Ostrich boots come pretty close. Note that the ones Raylan wears are well-worn so get ’em dirty.

pLEVI1-19853646t500x607Pants: Levis 501’s, but without the cuff, would be the obvious choice for jeans. They won’t be this loose because you will shrink them so they mold perfectly to your body. Then break them in and make sure they are faded to a medium wash.p001s002b2da1

Belt: This basic dark brown belt with a slightly large rectangular buckle from Moonshine Leather is just right for Raylan.heather-grey-long-sleeve-henley-t-shirtShirt:  There are two choices here, depending on the jacket you select. If you go with the denim jacket, then the heather grey henley from Todd Shelton works best.

SGVPopNaqQ_triple_needle_moto_utility_shirt_4_originalWith the sport jacket you might want to try this plaid flannel shirt from Taylor Stitch.denimJackets: there are two options here. The first is  the straightforward Type 2 Denim Jacket from Ralph Lauren (not that Raylan could afford this on a US Marshal’s salary)

UntitledThe other jacket choice is this Apolis Indigo Wool Blazer. It adds an element of flair to the look.rgtop1-500x500
timandmarkThe outfit wouldn’t be complete without a classic white cowboy hat. Can you pull it off? This is the actual hat style worn by actor Timothy Olyphant (Raylan Givens), shown with master hatmaker Mark Mejia of Baron Hats.

RH-08114-1-pdpNow we come to the bad guy, Boyd Crowder. Having worked in the mines of Harlan County, Kentucky, Boyd would surely wear Red Wing Iron Rangers in black.

bartonslimblack-flatBoyd cuts a sinister figure in black – Barton slim fit jeans from Imogene and Willie are a good choice.

Belt_BL__83802.1404685638.1280.1280I’d go with a wide leather black belt with a simple buckle for Boyd- kind of like the Working Mans Belt from American Bench Craft.

imageBoyd would wear the Fitted Flannel Shirt from Vermont Flannel.

10687-main-240I picture Boyd wearing this Filson Short Lined Cruiser in black.

As much as I admire the character of Raylan,  I have to say that my personal style is more Boyd.  And you know what? I am ok with that.



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