16 Old-School Tool Boxes, Tool Bags and Tool Rolls: Made in USA

I went out the garage the other day looking for a tool and noticed the old dark green tool box that used to be my father’s. It got me thinking about a lot of things, including how much I miss him. I never found the tool I was looking for, but I did take that old tool box, cleaned it up and got it organized. A toolbox can hold a lot of things, including memories.imageWhile I’m on a nostalgic roll, let me present to you the Gerstner line of classic tool chests. That’s their golden oak model above. Grestner is renowned for its fine American craftsmanship.Tool box, American madeI love the classic look and bright, powder-coated finish on the tool boxes (available in many sizes) by Pioneer Steel in California.imageAnother American manufacturer that offers a wide variety of tool chests and storage boxes is Kennedy Manufacturing.imageThis  red tool box, with a front-loading design, comes from Best Made Company.125ToolBag Carhartt makes most of its its tool bags – including its Legacy line – overseas. However, they are making their beautiful 125th Anniversary Tool Bag in the USA.

Klein Tools Deluxe Leather Tool Bags are stylish and roomy. They have the look of old-time doctors’ house call bags – except the patient is your furnace or possibly your car.

I love the Occidental Leather 5588 – Stronghold® Master Carpenter Case. With something like this in the garage you just have to find a project to work on and do it well!

The Canvas Tool bag from Klein Tools is a perennial favorite. It comes in multiple sizes.

Classic style and and beautiful workmanship  make the Starrett 200W Wood Tool Chest  almost a work of art.


The unique look of Kaufman Mercantile’s Handmade Leather Toolbox makes it one of my personal favorites.


In searching for tool boxes and bags, I came across a few manufactures that make tool rolls. I couldn’t help but think of the 50’s grease monkey leaning over the hood of a Chevy or the biker giving the Harley one last adjustment before heading out on the road.

Red Clouds Collective carries a variety of tool rolls, aprons and other goods

The leather roll from Bronxton is simple and stylish.

The tool roll from All One hundred is one of a line of products where all the components are sourced within 100 miles of the maker’s MA home.

I just came across the this really beautiful tool roll from  Cotter Pin Gear. It’s made in Brooklyn, NY and carries everything you’ll need for  for your next motorcycling adventure.

Regards, Paul

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