Accessorize Your Man at Nordstrom With American-Made Gifts

As we always say, Nordstrom is our favorite department store for Made-in-USA products, due to their large selection and easy searching (lots of other stores prevent you from searching for phrases like “Made in America” – go figure). Today, we’ll give you ten great gift ideas that will make your man feel a GQ model.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!No guy looks pulled-together when his pants are falling down, so pick out a stylish, American-made belt. Go dressy, go casual or go sporty!So much of a man’s personality can be communicated by his tie. Is a rebel, a company man, a creative type? Choose from a wide variety of Made in USA bowties and ties.
Today’s watches are marvels of engineering and design, projecting style and status….and yes, telling time.A man needs a place to keep his money. Tuck a beautiful wallet into his stocking this year.
All winter, when the icy winds blow, his hands will be warm and dry inside a pair of leather gloves from Red Wing, the famed maker of Men’s boots.The selection of men’s bags is excellent, ranging from small dopp kits to giant duffel bags and everything in between.He probably needs a few different hats, depending on whether he’s going to a board meeting, a football game with friends or an afternoon of snow boarding.There’s nothing like a cashmere scarf to keep him warm without being itchy or scratchy around the neck and face.Cufflinks and jewelry make great gifts. Check out the selection!

Browse through all theUSA-Made men’s accessories available, or all USA-Made products, including men’s, women’s, kids’ and home.

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