Recycled Fabric Becomes Guitar Straps, Bags and More: Made in USA

We’re very greatful for our dedicated readers because they send us all sorts of tips on American-made products that we might never have found. So, thanks to Alex for this latest idea for a post.If you’re a fan of recycling and retro design, you’ll love the vibe at Couch Guitar Straps. The company cleverly repurposes materials – like car seat material from the 1960s – into bags, belts, wallets, camera straps and their original product, guitar straps.
There’s a hippie/bohemian feeling to many of the products.

While other items have a clean, modern look.In Volkswagens of the 1980s, this striped fabric was used for seats.The folks at Couch located some unused stock and turned it into men’s dopp kits!

Check out their other designs here.




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