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An American Jewelry Sale for Independence Day

If you like to dazzle in diamonds or shine in pearls, you probably already know that these items are not mined or harvested in the USA.  The same is true of many gems. However, the stone is just the beginning of a piece of jewelry, and you CAN buy dazzling items that are handcrafted by jewelers in the USA.

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Allurez, a jewelry-maker that manufactures in New York, is having a Fourth of July sale on American-made items. Check out some of the beautiful pieces you can buy for a loved one or -why not – yourself! The sale runs through July 5.

Regards, Kathy



American-Made Polo Shirts at J. Crew

The polo shirt is a staple of the summer wardrobe, but you can step-up your style with all-cotton fabric and rich, garment dyed colors.Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!J. Crew has some great-looking shades in its 2017 collection. The colors change from year to year, so if you like what you see, grab it now.If you’re in the mood to browse, Here’s J. Crew’s full selection of American Made products.

Baerreis Sculptural Salad Servers: Made in USA

One of the wonders of good design is that it allows people to find joy in using ordinary objects. You don’t have to go to an art gallery to experience beauty if you choose items for your home that will delight you every day with their appearance.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Martha and Phil Baerreis live in the southern Appalachian Mountains where they make beautiful wooden objects for everday use. I was especially struck by the simple beauty of their salad servers, which come in several wood varieties.

When they’re not in use shoveling greens onto your plate, simply set them on a table, where they resembled a serene pair of praying hands.Other designs may not pass as works of art, but they will add enjoyment to you meals. Check out these makers today.

Regards, Kathy

Spending Time With Dad: Made in the USA

Happy Fathers’ Day to everyone who has the privilege of being a dad.

I was driving to work this morning listening to the radio when I heard a very touching story about two men who are foster parents. They talked about the joy and the sorrow of having children to raise and then having to give them up. This struck a chord with me and I thought about how blessed I am to be a father and hope that my dad felt the same way about me.

So I started thinking about some of my best memories of “Dad Time” and, even though, here at the Americanologists’ Blog, we’re all about buying American gifts, sometimes it’s just as good – maybe better – to share an American experience. You’ll still be supporting American jobs and you’ll have wonderful memories, as. I do, of time spent with my dad and daughter.Here’s one example: My dad and I both built model airplanes as kids, and he served in WWII in the Army Air Corp, so we shared a love for  everything aviation. One time, I arranged a trip for just the two of us to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. It was a great day watching WWI planes fly off a grass field and sharing our passion for aviation, My Dad even treated me to a flight in an old barnstormer! It is truly something I’ll never forget.  

We also both played tennis and I remember sharing a birthday outing to the US open at Forest Hills (I am really dating myself) and we sat together court-side watching some of the greatest players of the day and just hanging out together.

With my daughter, I remember a day at a rock-climbing wall. She was only a little bit of a girl at the time, but she yelled, “Show me whachoo got!” (We’re from New Jersey, what can I say?) as she raced ahead of me up the wall. We laughed and taunted each other (again – Jersey) as we battled our way to the top. I was incredibly touched when a bystander commented that she’d love to see her husband and daughter having fun like that.

What’s  great about this country is that not only can you purchase some amazing goods, but there is a limitless range of wonderful experiences available to us. If you are lucky you might get to share them with your dad or child.Finally, never underestimate the power of that simple game of catch  between father and child. I shared those moments with both my Dad and my daughter. It didn’t cost us a cent, just a little bit of time and some shared thoughts.  Perfection.

Happy Fathers Day.


Minuteman Wants Your Input on New Watches

Minuteman Watches assembles its products in the USA, sourcing its movement and some parts from overseas. What makes the Minuteman watches stand out, in our opinion, is that a percentage of the profits have gone to Veterans since the company was founded.Right now, they are thinking about producing a line of 4-5 cushion type cases. Here are the designs they are currently considering.Want to help out? Email them at and let them know which ones you like most.

Regards, Kathy