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Another Cool Kickstarter Project: A Book of Hands

As I was searching around the Kickstarter site I came across this book proposal by Christian Wilson from Boston MA called “Human by Trade.” I wanted to give the project its own post, because its funding date isn’t that far away and I think it’s a really great idea. Since we focus a lot on tradespeople, I’d hate to see a book that celebrates them go unpublished. 
The coffee table book is a photo journal of people across the country who use their hands to make a living and in many cases a craft. Whether you are a boat builder a brewer or a bicycle mechanic your hands are as important as any tool you will use and tell a great story all on their own. As it states on the web page: “Human by Trade” is a photojournalistic exploration of tradespeople and a detailed look at the experience and legacy their hands reveal. Below are the worn and stained hands of a silversmith.

Human by Trade

In Brief: USA-Made Alternatives to Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom has decided to close a factory in Jamestown, Kentucky and lay off 600 people in a county that only has about 8,000 workers. The work is being moved to Honduras. The company believes this will help them to make more money – but that will only be true if you keep buying their products. Here are ten alternatives:

Flint and Tinder
American Apparel
Duluth Trading
BGreen Organic Apparel
Union House
Hanky Panky
Wickers moisture-wicking underwear

Eight Exceptional Leather Objects: Made in USA

We’ve updated our list of “exceptional leather objects” just in time for gift-giving. All Made in the USA.
Kaufman Mercantile Leather Tool Box
Skytop Trading Classic Leather Pullman
Cicada Leather Company Leather Growler Carrier
Billy Kirk Leather Mechanics Belt
Bison Leather Paddle Strop and Razor Case
Mister Freedom Trooper Boots
Mr. Freedom Campus Jacket
Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit Trio

And I don’t want to forget Kenton Sorenson whose wallet I mentioned in a previous post is just breaking in beautifully. KS now offers this complete Dopp Kit (above), Shaving Brush Roll and Safety Razor Sheath.


Are we Unleashing the Second American Century?

Very interesting: Joel Kurtzman, author of Unleashing the Second American Century, says not to worry about these 5 myths:
Myth #1: America is broke
Myth #2: High unemployment rates are here to stay
Myth #3: China is ascending while America is declining
Myth #4: America is a spent power
Myth #5: America doesn’t make anything anymore
Check out the video from the Daily Ticker: