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Goruck Gear: Special Forces-Approved Rucksacks

Every time I come across the name Goruck, I envision slogging my way through a tough wooded area or climbing challenging hills. There is a reason for that: Goruck sponsors many outdoor challenge events based on special forces training. In fact, the products we’re showcasing today were developed by an ex-Special Forces soldier who knows a thing or two about being in the wilderness and needing gear that is tough and can hold up to the rigors of the elements.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Goruck produces bags that are useable in Baghdad or NYC. The company offers a variety of sizes, most of which are TSA-compliant for overhead storage. The bags have enough storage for a solid weekend away, plenty of compartments for your valuables and a durable outer shell made from 1000 denier CORDURA.Let’s just say that these are some really great heavy duty bags built to carry your stuff and last a lifetime (Puppy is optional).Happy Rucking!


Made In Mayhem: Made in America

Kathy sent me a link about Made in Mayhem, a San Francisco-based company that uses premium materials to create as they say: “durable sophisticated and functional goods”. What’s cool about the site is the range of products, from a simple leather wallet to a crocodile-embossed leather backpack… and a lot of things in between.The “Fredrick” on the left is a crocodile-embossed leather backpack, while the “Eleanor” is a shoulder bag of the same material with hidden, shorter handles.The “Franklin” is an iPad case with additional pockets for phone, business cards, etc.
The “Canyon Combo” features a wool blanket and leather harness.

The “Aloha Beach Bag” has a Hawaiian floral print with leather accents.

Leather belts, wallets and a variety of other goods are waiting to be discovered at Made in Mayhem.



American-Made Backpacks, Messengers, Duffels On-Sale

We’re always on the lookout for  good deals on USA-Made products, which helps to offset the higher price of American labor. How about you?Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

Over the past few years we’ve bought a number of items at Sierra Trading Post. If you are willing to be patient and wait for the right item to come along, there are some impressive savings to be had. Take today for example: multiple Made-in-USA bags are available at significant discounts.Topo Designs Sling BagFilson Dry DuffelAlchemy Goods Dopp KitCarhartt 125th Anniversary Tool Bag

Topo Desigbs Laptop SleeveGreen Guru Messenger BagsChrome Industries Messenger Bag.

Happy shopping!

Regards, Kathy


Great-Looking New Backpacks From Filson: Unisex and Made in USA

There’s a new backpack in town and it’s a perfect choice for people who love heritage brands.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!
The Filson Medium Backpack, available in three colors, is made by a manufacturer that has been around since 1897. They don’t make all their merchandise in the USA anymore, but they do make their bags here. The bright orange is actually a surprise, since their traditional color palette usually stays in the khaki, moss and brown area.

It’s made of rugged, 22-oz. water-resistant twill with leather trim.And the interior pouch snaps in and out for convenience.