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Cheers From Jacob Bromwell: Made in USA

For a limited time you can order the handcrafted Ben Franklin Beer Stein from Jacob Bromwell and save 50%. Normally $299, the stein will be priced at $150 through September 30.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!The beer stein is made from pure copper with a specially applied hot tin interior. The Stein is hand made by artisans in Vermont and is period correct (Ben would approve).The stein holds 32 ozs of your favorite beverage. Not only does the copper finish look spectacular but it’s an excellent natural insulator so you will get to enjoy that cold beverage for a long time.If a cold beer just won’t do it for you then there is always the Bluegrass Mint Julep Tumbler. Also made from pure copper this tumbler will naturally develop a patina unless you are willing to put a little elbow grease into it and polish it back to its original luster.Finally, there is the classic Martini Glass. I wish I’d had this glass the one time I was young and goofy enough to actually order a martini “shaken, not stirred.”



Hand Blown Drinkware: Made in USA

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like my enjoyment of a drink can be enhanced by the glass I choose to drink from. I  will typically go for the glass with a little bit of heft to it; something sturdy. I also appreciate unusual drinkware, so when I saw these glasses from the New Orleans-based artist and glass-blower Ben Dombey of Glassblower Ben, I knew I wanted to share them with you.The slanted whiskey glass

Ben started out trying to make the perfect whiskey glass after a trip to Scotland. Each glass is custom-blown with lung power and is 100% made in America. An appealing feature of his designs is that you can get them stamped on the bottom with custom text or an image. So, while you sip your favorite beverage, there is a little something special to catch your eye as the glass empties. Unlike etching, this stamp is never going away so choose your words wisely. Having just made my first-ever purchase of mead at a placw called Melovino Meadery, I like the Honeycomb stamped glass. Okay, so maybe you don’t want to see this at the bottom of your glass, but isn’t it cool?The mixing glass pitcher is both elegant and beautiful.The Classic Large Dombey Glass looks like something I’d like to sip from in front of the fire.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your favorite beverage responsibly.



Brooklyn Slate: Made in USA

Brooklyn Slate Co. was founded in 2009 by Kristy Hadeka and Sean Tice. Inspiration came after visiting the slate quarry in upstate New York owned by Kristy’s family. What at first started as a simple project started to get noticed by friends and a business was born.A lot of care goes into selecting the slate pieces that they will sell.  Color (you can order black or red), thickness and finish are all considered. Pieces are  treated with a food safe mineral oil to protect the slate from staining. Even the burlap packaging has been thought-out, not just to be green, but to work with the natural look of slate. A piece of soapstone is included so you can write on the slate.I enjoy entertaining and I have no doubt that if I had a few items from Brooklyn Slate on my table that they would be noticed. There’s something really cool about offering guests a great selection of cheeses or charcuterie on a natural piece of slate. Better yet, how about setting down a fine Scotch on a slate coaster? You can even have the slate engraved.The slate items are all Made-in-the-USA as are some of the other collaboration pieces, like the coffee mugs shown above. Their speckled appearance is the result of clay mixed with ground slate. American-made items are clearly marked. The few items not marked with a country-of-origin are assumed to be imported..



Indie Food Retailer Celebrates “Ginuary” in the USA

Mouth, the quirky indie food and beverage retailer, has declared that January 2017 is “Ginuary,” a month of celebrating American-Made gins. During this time, you can get 10% off your purchase of craft gins with the code “GINTASTIC.”

To get you started, here are 5 domestically-brewed gins that you’ll want to try.Solveig Gin comes from Far North Spirits in Hallock, MN.
It’s made from individually distilled herbs, citrus and spices and it goes well with savory herbs like rosemary and basil.

Hat Trick Gin is brewed by High Wire Distilling in Charleston, SC. Perfect for your next martini, it is made with a combination of  crushed juniper berries, fresh lemon, orange peel and other botanicals. Dry Rye Gin is brewed by St. George Spirits of Alameda, CA.  It is dry, spicy and a little bit savory; a juniper-based gin that makes a refreshing old-fashioned.Koval Dry Gin is distilled by Koval Distillery in Chicago, IL.
It combines woodland spices with hints of juniper and wildflowers; citrus and floral traces, and a hint of peppery-ness. This is a gin that’s recommended to drink straight-up over ice.Botanica Gin is made by Falcon Spirits in Richmond, CA.
What makes this gin unique is the addition of cucumber water. Mix it with a splash of soda water and a squeeze of lime.

Enjoy and please drink responsibly..



Copper Flasks, Tin Cups and More at Jacob Bromwell: Made in USA

I’ve been aware of Jacob Bromwell flasks for some time. This past Christmas we treated our daughter’s boyfriend to one and he loves it.

I knew that the company was expanding its offerings but, when I checked the site this past weekend, I was surprised to see just how many new American-made items they have. Starting with cocktails and continuing through the meal itself, Jacob Bromwell has a number of items that add elements of style to your food and drink preparation.
While the products are a little on the pricey side, you have to remember that these are not things you buy and discard after a few years – they are are intended to last you a long time with proper care.

cocktail-shakerEvery guy needs to own a cocktail shaker.  Even if you aren’t a drinker you can impress the heck out of your friends with a copper shaker. Even 007 would be impressed and that is saying a lot.
handle-formingI was just on a business trip when, for the first time, I saw someone order a Moscow Mule, so to see a specific, stylish Cup named for the libation is just perfect
fluted-shot-glassesEvery now and then it just seems that the time is right for a shot of something bracing. If you have a set of fluted copper shot glasses you will certainly stand apart from your friends who collect those souvenir shot glasses from travel destinations.

Now that you are properly stress relieved, it’s on to the kitchen:3-cup-sifterMy mother is a great baker and I remember as a child how excited I was when she let me help by sifting the flour. This 3 cup flour sifter might find its way into her kitchen or mine before the Holiday season is over.

730I don’t ever remember being in a persons kitchen and not seeing the classic cheese grater.

chestnut_roasterThe chestnut roaster above requires a little patience but the payoff is worth it.

mixing-bowl-close-upIf you are in the mood to entertain and want to really impress, then prepare a caesar salad complete with anchovies in the Americana copper mixing bowl.

jbWith facilities located in Indiana and Vermont,  you can take a photo tour of the facilities and see some of the people and equipment that go into making these items.

Regards, and Bon Appetite.