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Beautiful Brooklyn-Made Jewelry by C.H. MacKellar

I recently saw a display of C.H. MacKellar’s jewelry and was amazed by the beauty of her creations. Stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings are created from sterling silver and 18K gold. Patterns are impressed upon the metal with a rolling mill, hammers and engraving tools.

Beautiful materials go only so far, though. It takes a special artist with an incredible design sense to elevate jewelry to this level. And it all takes place in a studio in Brooklyn.

One-of-a-kind custom designs, like the gorgeous pendant necklace above, are also available.

Regards, Kathy

Wisconsin’s Best: Gifts of Venison, Bison, Bacon and Brats

There’s a website called Wisconsin-Made, which offers all sorts of interesting food items from the Badger State. Check out these yummy creations that you can ship to a friend for the holidays.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!KringleDanish Kringles are among the most popular food items on the site. This homemade pastry item comes from the O&H Danish bakery in Wisconsin. Choose from Pecan, Raspberry, Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Almond, Apricot, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Pecan and Maple Walnut.Bacon_GiftNueske’s Gourmet Bacon Assortment: a perfect gift for bacon fanatics.  Includes Applewood-smoked Bacon, Peppered Bacon, and Wild Cherrywood-smoked Bacon.
ElkVenisonBisonThe Bison, Elk and Venison Gift box includes delicious sausages from free-range grazing animals raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.BratwurstBratwurst sausages, or “brats” are big in Wisconsin. Choose from a wide variety of hearty brats they’ll love on the grill.

Check out hundreds of other Made-in-Wisconsin gift ideas here.

Regards, Kathy

A Weekend of Made in America Deals

Many of this year’s Black Friday sales continue through the weekend. Check out the Made-in-USA deals we found:

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Beautiful American furniture is on sale this weekend at

Wrap yourself in the warmth of patriotism with this Freedom Throw made by Woolrich in Woolrich, PA. It’s marked down from $155 to $115.98.Choose a colorful pack from Topo Designs and get 25% off.

As of Saturday, a big sale was still in full swing at Blade + Blue With discounts ranging from 15-30%.

Get 30% off Karina Dresses with the code GIVETHANKS.A handful of Todd Snyder’s American-made garments are on sale. Scroll through the page here.

We’ll be back with more sales soon!

Regards, Kathy


Sharp-Looking Aprons by Koda Organics: Made in USA

I came home this evening and Kathy showed me an apron she purchased as a gift from Koda Organics. Koda was founded by Mario Matos, who, if you take a moment to read the company bio, started-off working in a sewing factory and went on to create Chameleon USA. Koda is an offshoot of that company and what sets it apart is the use of organic materials. Everything is handmade in Koda’s Georgia facility.The apron Kathy purchased was called the “Wescott,” which is made from a combination of 100 % organic cotton and organic vegetable-tanned leather. It came in attractive packaging, perfect if you want to send a direct gift.The Apron is very sturdy and Koda Organic uses rivets and grommets to provide added strength in key areas.

 They come in a variety of styles from full bib to a short bistro style and can be ordered in a wide array of colors.Most aprons feature at least one pocket or multiple storage compartments. The full size  apron has comfortable load-bearing cross-over back-straps that really allow you to dial in the fit.The Tanoak bistro apron shown above is made from full grain leather.

Looking for a more personalized apron? They can add your name and a logo for a nominal charge.

According to Kathy, her only suggestion to Koda Organics would be to offer a petite size for short-waisted women. She would not be able to wear the apron herself, because the chest section is too long for her torso. Other than that, we both really like the design and quality.




Rare Sale at The Grommet: 20% Off Sitewide September 15 Only!

We’ve been writing about The Grommet for a long time because of the large number of fun, unusual American-Made products they carry. One thing they don’t have: a lot of promotional discounts, so you’ll want to jump on their one-day Thank-You Sale on Friday, September 15. You’ll get 20% sitewide and you won’t need a coupon code. Here are some of our favorite products:

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!repast3 The hand-crafted Repast Ravioli Rolling Pin produces perfect little pillows of pasta that won’t break open during cooking.Whether towing it behind a canoe or floating it in the pool, you will love grabbing cold drinks and food from the CreekKooler.Do you have a special place in your heart for a certain waterside location? The lake house you played in as a child, the site of the bayside cafe where you got engaged, the harbor where your family arrived in the USA? Now you can get a customized topographical artwork that beautifully maps these special bodies of water. We saw one of these in person and it is even more beautiful than it appears in pictures.If you appreciate your beer, The Cap Trap line of products will let you show it off. These laser-cut wooden maps of the USA, individual states and a variety of other fun shapes, are designed to be filled with the bottle caps of local brews. They are made in Tampa from Baltic birch plywood.imageThe Swurfer and is a crazy-fun-looking swing developed by a surfer to prepare his kids for riding the waves.imageThey’re colorful, they’re rugged and they let your kids assemble giant-sized dinosaur skeletons! What could be better? Check out these Boneyard Pets.These fish-inspired knives and corkscrews are perfect for the outdoorsy person.Motorcycle riders love these little Guardian Bells, since they are considered good luck charms.The New York Times Commemorative Book is always a fun gift, since it compiles the items that were in the news on Dad’s day if birth.This Maine-made Brahm’s Mount herringbone blanket is great for snuggling and is rugged enough to pass to the next generation.And finally, Cutting boards from Brooklyn Butcher Block will make your cooking and grilling even more enjoyable.
Regards, Kathy