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Fieldstone Artistry: Contemporary Lighting and Furniture Made in America

I have a special place in my heart for furniture and lighting that combines modern design with the warmth of natural materials. So, when I saw this Twilight Pendant Lamp at a recent craft show, I immediately fell in love with it.  It was made by Fieldstone Artistry, an upstate New York company started In 2016 by husband and wife team, B.R. Delaney & Amy Myers-Delaney.
When I went to their website, I realized that there are multiple variations on the lamp. This design is called the Chiaroscuro.

The company makes a wide variety of pieces using local materials and you can see lots of photos on both their website and Instagram @fieldstonearts.

Regards, Kathy 


Cool and Quirky Furnishings by the Morgans

Matthew and Carly Jo Morgan are a design team from California that has created some incredibly interesting items. A married couple, they make each piece themselves in the Topanga Canyon area. You can see more of their work on their site, Made by the Morgans.



Minimalist Delights from Kalon Studios: Made in USA

This weekend, I came across a line of absolutely beautiful minimalist furnishings from Kalon Studios. Each piece is boiled down to its essence, injected with a shot of whimsy and meticulously crafted from fine materials.  Here are some examples of their work:

The Divan Twin works for seating or sleepingEcho is one of several children’s collections, designed for the owners’ own brood.The No. 5 Series couch offers many modular options.Just looking at the pure simplicity and beauty of the Kalon Tray, I know it would be a joy to use.

See more at the Kalon Studios site.

Regards, Kathy

Wes Dalgo’s “Urban Rustic” Custom Furniture: Made in Indiana

For me, one of the perks of traveling on business is that sometimes, after hours, I can fit in a visit to an American manufacturer in the area. Recently, I was in Indianapolis and had the opportunity to meet Wes Dalgo and Josh Ford, partners in Wes Dalgo Custom Furniture and Decor.A piece of Machine Age history becomes a unique kitchen island.

Wes used to be a hobby furniture maker with a day job in marketing. When he was downsized and looking for a new job, he decided to make a few pieces of furniture to see if he could sell them. Not only did his furniture sell, but people started coming to him with requests for custom work.
Teaberry Blossom Red and Golden Oak Bakers Cabinet.

When, in 2010, the time came to make a decision on returning to work, Wes realized he had a solid enough base to launch a business instead.Industrial Machine Age Farmhouse Coffee Table

The first pieces were sold on Craigslist, then on Etsy, then eBay. With the addition of Josh (who also had a Marketing background) the Wes Dalgo web site was launched in 2012.  They called their style “rustic urban,” an imaginative style that’s far more authentic and artistic than the cookie cutter “American industrial” furniture coming out of China.

Above is an Industrial Farmhouse Solid wood Kitchen Island Finished in Antique White and Aged Nickel.

What is so nice about the pieces are that they are made from 100% real wood (pine, oak, poplar and reclaimed) and designed to be passed on to the next generation.

Today, there are three other employees building furniture and an office manager that keeps the rest of the business moving forward.  The business is expanding to a new showroom in the June/July timeframe in Clermont. One of the goals is to bring in other artists making handmade goods that will complement the furniture.
Farmhouse style sliding barn door sideboard media cabinet.

What really impressed me was that Wes and Josh really want their custom designs to be heavily influenced by the customer.  All preliminary sketches are done in pencil in anticipation of customer changes. Some might think you need to have a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program but, by the looks of the pieces I saw, both in-person and on the website,  pencil and paper work just fine.




The Latest Designs from a Famed American Furniture Maker

We’ve decided to expand our “What’s New” feature from one week to two. Hope you enjoy it.We’ve visited the Thomas Moser store in Boston several times and been amazed by the design perfection of its product line. Though its inspiration comes from 18th century America, this furniture would be at home in any modern room. The company’s two newest products are the Foreside Bed, shown at the top of the page, and the Hoops Mirror line.The mirrors, available in three sizes, take design cues from Shaker boxes and traditional mirrors, but have a modern twist. They are offered in walnut, white oak, and cherry.

The bed is almost stark in its simplicity, but a closer look reveals details that suggest a traditional Windsor Chair. Below are a few shots we took on our most recent trip to the store, located at:
19 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
phone: 617-224-1245

Regards, Kathy