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Clearing Storm Debris and Confusion: Which Stihl Chainsaws are Made in the USA?

This winter, the Northeast has weathered a series of storms that left lots of downed trees and limbs. At the time, most of us were concerned with just getting the power (luckily we have a generator) but now the aftermath is going to have to be dealt with.

I am probably one of those few people that will enjoy getting out there to tackle the cleanup with one of my prized possessions: “Old Orange,” my Stihl chainsaw. Between my chainsaw, splitting maul and wood stove we were able to have lots of cozy evenings by the fire this year, all from downed trees in our own yard during previous storms.

While the Stihl company was founded and headquartered  in Waiblingen,  Germany, there’s a lot of speculating and misinformation online about whether any of its chainsaws are made here. Frankly, the company doesn’t help by having not a peep of info on its website. So, Kathy went straight to the source and got the model numbers of the 13 chainsaw lines that are assembled in the United States. They are:

MS-170, MS-171, MS-180, MS-181, MS-201, MS-211, MS-250, MS-241, MS-251, MS-261, MS-271, MS-291, and MS-311

Hope this helps in your choice of a chainsaw.



Custom Bee Hives and Beekeeping Services: Made in USA

Bee3I’ve heard a lot about urban and suburban beekeeping, and how important it may become if bee colonies continue to die off. Howver, if the idea of donning a netted hat and actually tending to a colony puts you off, one Massachusetts organization may have the answer.

Best BeesBest Bees does all the work of setting up and colonizing your hives. They bring all the equipment to your site, including bee hives that can be custom-painted just for your family.

Bee2A healthy colony and queen are installed, and then Best Bees checks on them periodically, providing any required support.

Bee1When it’s time to harvest that delicious honey, Best Bees can harvest and bottle the honey for you or they can remove the frames if you want to do the harvest yourself.

Bee5Hives are produced with high quality pine, an all-natural wax and hand assembled frames. No plastic parts or chemicals are used. Custom paint options are hand-painted by in-house artists.