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New Space Age Wall Art: Made in USA

Retro space images are back in style! Brighten up your walls with the once-futuristic artwork of mid-Century America.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!The collection of retro Space Age wall art shown here is, well…out of this world! No need to frame these beauties – they are already printed on stretched canvas with fade-resistant inks. Design inspirations range from the 1930s through the 1960s.Check out the full collection here..

Old Wine Barrels Transformed!

We always enjoy finding products that are unique. So, when we came across Top Shelf Barrel Furniture, we knew right away we wanted to write about it.BarrelTrayWine barrel tray

The Brownwood, Texas firm takes old red wine barrels from California and turns them into incredible furniture and home design items, like the tray above and the shot glass holder at the top of the post. It almost doesn’t matter what your style is, because these pieces can fit into a variety of surroundings.81AGy37YeoL._SY500_Personalized dog bed.

Do you like wine? Do you like dogs? Well, Top Shelf has you covered. There are two styles of dog beds available, the model shown above and a larger style. Both are personalized and the larger one has a storage compartment to hold some of your best friend’s goodies.A1HEtR-GiRL._SY500_Wine barrel copper sink vanity.

When I saw this barrel vanity, all I could think about was standing above it and shaving with a straight razor like some character out of the Old West. Then I remembered previous experiences that involved cuts and blood, so I decided it would be a great place to wash the dirt off my hands after a hard day’s work.91tNf6AgBsL._SY500_Mirror

The round shape of a wine barrel seems to lend itself to being the perfect housing for a mirror.
91usJCBmiJL._SY500_Barrel Keg Dispenser

How about a vintage wine barrel that can hold a keg of your favorite beverage and deliver it in style? It’s perfect for the man cave.

To see all of Top Shelf’s products, go here. 



Snap Your Fingers and You Have an “Art Wall”: Made-in-USA

Ever try to decorate a wall with a bunch of small art pieces? It can be very hard to assemble a grouping that works well together. But here’s a solution: “Art Walls,” which are groups of five items carefully selected to give you a ready-made mini-gallery.

And they just happen to be marked down at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale until August 7.imageMy favorite is the National Park grouping. The graphics are wonderful and they go well with many different styles of decor.imageLike all the groupings, it us designed to be versatile and can be displayed a number of ways.imageThe collection of seaside images called Fifth Street will light up the living space of any beach lover.imageAs will the collection called Ombré Beach.

See all 12 Art Walls here.



Engineering and Patent Drawings = Unique Wall Art

If you’d like something a little different on your walls, think about engineering and patent drawings.

patent10Patent8These transportation-related drawings range from early cars and carriages to an X-Wing Fighter.

PatentOffice2PatentOffice4This collection of prints includes both exotic and everyday items.Patent9Architectural prints are also appealing, like this drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click these links to browse large collections of patent-type prints and blueprint-type prints.

Carving out Man-Space: If you Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Sign on It

Sometimes a guy just has to raise a flag over a certain part of the family home and claim it for his own. Even though that space is likely to be in the least desirable part of the house as far as the rest of the family is concerned, (scary basement, dark attic or dirty garage), once the man fixes it up, it can quickly morph from a man-space to a kid-hangout, women’s crafting space or free-for-all family room. Here are some ideas for staking your claim, starting with the garage. They all come from RetroPlanet and they’re Made in America.dadsYou can go the polite and informative route: This is the garage and it belongs to Dad. (This particular sign does not say “Made in USA,” on the website but I have confirmed with Retro Planet that it is.)DadsGarage2

DadsGarageIf you need a stronger statement, one of these more in-your-face signs might do the trick: “Dad’s Garage – Full Service” (top) or “Dad’s Garage – Open 24 Hours” (bottom).MyGarageOr you may need to go full badass, with a sign that looks like you’d get hurt just touching it.RustyLettersA similar- looking sign is available for the Man Cave.ManCaveWrench

ManCaveSignAs with the garage signage, you can go softer (wrench) or louder (hazard sign) with your message of ownership.PaulsManCaveIn my home, I command such respect that all I need is this modest little sign, which I got as a gift from a fellow man-space owner a few years back. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my wife hates basements.Men2Does your man-space have a bathroom? You most certainly don’t want the wife and kids in there because, well, then you’d have to clean it more often. This sign looks like it came from an auto body bathroom and is enough to keep most intruders at bay.KeepOUtThen there’s the ultimate statement about your sacred territory.

If all else fails, invest in some new padlocks.