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Women’s Dress Coats On Sale at Nordstrom

Just in time for the cool weather comes a coat sale for lovers of high quality, American-made outerwear.

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The coat-maker Fleurette was founded in 1949 and is known for its high-quality, tailored styles. All Fleurette coats are designed and manufactured in New York City.As they say on the company website, Fleurette “harkens back to the time when quality was the norm, when output was measured in hundreds, not thousands. Manufactured in a large modern facility, our coats pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor. At Fleurette, each coat is still finished by hand …one at a time.”

Regards, Kathy

Sharp-Looking Aprons by Koda Organics: Made in USA

I came home this evening and Kathy showed me an apron she purchased as a gift from Koda Organics. Koda was founded by Mario Matos, who, if you take a moment to read the company bio, started-off working in a sewing factory and went on to create Chameleon USA. Koda is an offshoot of that company and what sets it apart is the use of organic materials. Everything is handmade in Koda’s Georgia facility.The apron Kathy purchased was called the “Wescott,” which is made from a combination of 100 % organic cotton and organic vegetable-tanned leather. It came in attractive packaging, perfect if you want to send a direct gift.The Apron is very sturdy and Koda Organic uses rivets and grommets to provide added strength in key areas.

 They come in a variety of styles from full bib to a short bistro style and can be ordered in a wide array of colors.Most aprons feature at least one pocket or multiple storage compartments. The full size  apron has comfortable load-bearing cross-over back-straps that really allow you to dial in the fit.The Tanoak bistro apron shown above is made from full grain leather.

Looking for a more personalized apron? They can add your name and a logo for a nominal charge.

According to Kathy, her only suggestion to Koda Organics would be to offer a petite size for short-waisted women. She would not be able to wear the apron herself, because the chest section is too long for her torso. Other than that, we both really like the design and quality.




Flannel-Lined Trucker Jacket: Made in USA

What could be better on a Fall day than a flannel shirt or a good-looking lightweight jacket? How about combining them both? That’s what Flint and Tinder has done with their Flannel Lined Trucker Jacket.

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Martexin 7-ounce sailcloth from New Jersey is waxed on both sides for water resistance.It’s fully lined with 100% cotton flannel in a herringbone pattern.It makes for a really stylish jacket that is fully functional with two hand-warmer pockets and a button-down chest pocketThe jacket is made in Los Angeles.



Cheers From Jacob Bromwell: Made in USA

For a limited time you can order the handcrafted Ben Franklin Beer Stein from Jacob Bromwell and save 50%. Normally $299, the stein will be priced at $150 through September 30.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!The beer stein is made from pure copper with a specially applied hot tin interior. The Stein is hand made by artisans in Vermont and is period correct (Ben would approve).The stein holds 32 ozs of your favorite beverage. Not only does the copper finish look spectacular but it’s an excellent natural insulator so you will get to enjoy that cold beverage for a long time.If a cold beer just won’t do it for you then there is always the Bluegrass Mint Julep Tumbler. Also made from pure copper this tumbler will naturally develop a patina unless you are willing to put a little elbow grease into it and polish it back to its original luster.Finally, there is the classic Martini Glass. I wish I’d had this glass the one time I was young and goofy enough to actually order a martini “shaken, not stirred.”



Over 300 Women’s Tops on-Sale at Nordstrom: Made in USA

There is a big  sale on women’s tops going on now at Nordstrom. With brands like: Rag and Bone, Bobeau, Eileen Fisher, Alice + Olivia, AG, Frame and more. There is a really good selection of colors and sizes (maternity included) so you really can’t go wrong.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!From dress….To semi-casual…To casual…There are a lot of options to fit your mood and style.