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Made In Mayhem: Made in America

Kathy sent me a link about Made in Mayhem, a San Francisco-based company that uses premium materials to create as they say: “durable sophisticated and functional goods”. What’s cool about the site is the range of products, from a simple leather wallet to a crocodile-embossed leather backpack… and a lot of things in between.The “Fredrick” on the left is a crocodile-embossed leather backpack, while the “Eleanor” is a shoulder bag of the same material with hidden, shorter handles.The “Franklin” is an iPad case with additional pockets for phone, business cards, etc.
The “Canyon Combo” features a wool blanket and leather harness.

The “Aloha Beach Bag” has a Hawaiian floral print with leather accents.

Leather belts, wallets and a variety of other goods are waiting to be discovered at Made in Mayhem.



The Minimalist Wallet from Spine: Made in USA

I decided it was time for an update on a line of wallets we wrote about last summer because I really like the new finishes and engravings.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

The Spine wallet is made by brothers Josh (the machinist) and Caleb (the designer) Barclay, an Arizona-based duo. They continue to refine their minimalist design, which is touted as one of the thinnest out there. At .0625″ it still retains one of most important features you need other than the ability to hold your cards and cash: a built in bottle opener.The wallet is offered in a Grade 5 Titanium which is 40% lighter than steel, ID theft resistant and non-magnetic.
Of the finishes offered I think my favorite is Unicorn Vomit, shown above. The colors are great and the name certainly sets it apart.Like a great leather wallet, I imagine that the standard copper wallet will develop a beautiful patina over time that will tell a story.The Damascus wallet above is made from 5 different metals that are placed in 13 layers and then folded over 5 times before being etched to reveal the unique textures.

Some of the finishes noted above are not available on Huckberry, you can check them out on the Spine site.



Dango Multi-Tool and Wallet: The Best of Both Worlds

We could write countless posts about wallets and multi-tools but what makes the Dango offering so cool is how it meets both criteria in a neat and functional package.The Dango design minimizes the sharp edges of the multi-tool within the framework of the wallet so your jeans pocket is not the first victim of the tool’s functionality.The Dango features 14 different tools and has a top grain leather finish available in three colors: Black, Raw Hide or Whiskey Tan. The wallet has enough room to hold 12 credit cards and is TSA compliant. The multi-tool, though you can’t carry-on and will will need to check.
Like all good multi-tools, the all-important bottle opener is included.Are you likely to use all of the multi-tools? I guess that depends on your Macgyver quotient, but isn’t it nice to know they are there?



60+ American-Made Gifts for Men from Huckberry

I like the online men’s shop Huckberry because of the wide range of products that speak to me and suit my lifestyle. Their Made in USA page has so many things I’d love to own, from clothing and accessories to home goods and travel items. Here are a few of my favorites:gihf3xecxb_north_coast_shirt_jacket_2-0_5_originalouterwearHaving just walked the dog in 20-something degree weather, I figured I would start off with this North Coast Shirt Jacket 2.0 (top) from Edgevale. Made of polyester, wool and  acrylic, it s both wind and water-resistant. Other outerwear options are shown.iklppeu0co_steel_firepit-large_6_originaloutdoorsThe 3/4″ steel Fire Pit from Stahl adds a bit of artistry to the act of hanging out with friends and staying warm.  And there are other products on the page for the outdoor adventurer.otwi1yuxxo_the_chapter_knife-serrated_5_originalSpeaking of the outdoors, this drop point serrated Charter Knife from the James Brand is made from stainless and titanium.bge6w4bfle_6_service_boot_2_originalbootsMotorcycles and boots, perfect together. These are  6″ Service Boots from Chippewa but you can also find classics from Red Wing and Danner on the site as wellnpwplhlb6o_g-i-_joe_duffel_0_originalbagsGotta go somewhere? You’ll find a nice selection of bags and duffles, I can easily see throwing the canvas and leather GI Joe duffle from Hudson Sutler on the back of my bike. izgftzu4ib_travel_kit_2_originaldoppsThe Travel Kit above is from General Knot and features a subtle pattern on the water resistant canvas.
rcrjxrihwc_three_strikes_bat-flamethrower_5_originalDo you need something to claim the space as yours? these bats from Pillbox Bat Co. are too good looking to actually swing at a ball but will look great in your man cave. The Three Strikes-Flamethrower is featured above.06gm2hcunk_quad_wallet-_limited_edition_5_originalwalletsFinally, there is a very broad range of leather goods available on the site: The Quad Wallet is from Tanner Goods and is made from English Bridle Leather.

The above is just a sample of what Huckberry has to offer in American made goods. Once you’re on the site, you’ll see that Made-in-USA items have an American flag designating country of origin, so check it out.



Jackson Wayne Leather Goods Made in USA

We featured Jackson Wayne Leather Goods once before in a post on briefcases which you can read about here, but I wanted to shine a brighter spotlight on them. The reason is that their message of long-lasting, durable products resonated with me and reminded me why we started this blog.

Jackson Wayne uses full grain leather to make products intended to last a lifetime and even be handed down to the next generation. The hides come from the Wicket and Craig tannery in Pennsylvania, one of the oldest in the US. The minimalist designs give a nod to products from the 1920’s to 40’s, so it will still look sharp in the 2020s. Finally, by cutting out the the typical layers of distribution,  you get what you pay for without excessive mark-up. Simply put, these are damn nice leather products that are reasonably priced, hand crafted and made in America!
mbfrontstrapst_grandeThe Messenger Bag and Laptop Satchel features plenty of storage for all your electronic gizmos.

front_w_strap_grandeThe Briefcase features a shoulder strap and antique brass hardware.

Personally, I’m torn between messenger bags and briefcases, both meet my day to day business and travel needs and both look great. What’s a fella to do?dbfrontstrapbk_grande

The Duffle and Weekend Carryall has two inner storage pockets and meets carry on requirements.

A few words about the Jackson Wayne duffle, when I see this bag I picture coming home early on a Friday, throwing some essentials into it and strapping it to my bike for a weekend getaway.71zpfvh8qnl-_ux679_The Billfold, plenty of room for your cards and cash.81cvvq-hupl-_ux679_The Front Pocket Wallet and Card Holder, nice and basic.

The company features two different wallets: a standard billfold and a basic front pocket wallet. My personal preference is the latter, that’s just because it fits with my goal of getting rid of clutter. The more pockets I have, the more likely I am to fill them.

Jackson Wayne alo sells a conditioner for leather. It’s a small investment that will ensure that the leather is soft and supple for years to come.