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American-Made Polo Shirts at J. Crew

The polo shirt is a staple of the summer wardrobe, but you can step-up your style with all-cotton fabric and rich, garment dyed colors.Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!J. Crew has some great-looking shades in its 2017 collection. The colors change from year to year, so if you like what you see, grab it now.If you’re in the mood to browse, Here’s J. Crew’s full selection of American Made products.

The Good Acre Collection by Taylor Stitch: Made in USA

Quite a few companies are grouping their menswear into “lifestyle collections” and one of my favorites is Taylor Stitch. I love the fact that you can buy a complete outfit that has a story behind it; even better if that story fits your own narrative. Take the Good Acre Collection, which is currently in the funding phase. The collection is geared more toward those that work with their hands rather than those sitting behind a desk but, truth be told, it works for both.The Chore Pant is better looking than the worn jeans I tend to wear to work everyday. It features a double knee and is made from 100% cotton Duck Canvas.The Utility Shirt is a slightly heavy fabric, so I see it as a Fall garment or as a light summer jacket worn over a colorful tee. The Cone Mills fabric alternates between twill and plain weave to achieve the “corded” affect.
The collection features two different jackets: The Project jacket, above, is constructed from a 10-oz Beeswaxed Army Duck Canvas, so it is water repellent.The second design is the Chore Jacket, which is on my short list to replace a foreign-made coat I’ve worn for years. The combination of a cotton, dry-wax canvas shell and a 100% cotton blanket stripe lining will be perfect for chores during the New England Fall when the leaves start to change.The shirt that Taylor Stitch chose for ths collection is made in Portugal, so I took the liberty of selecting my own, American-made replacement, the Moss Mechanic Shirt.Finally, there is the all-important footwear. There is only one choice here and that is the Mark Boot, made for Taylor Stitch by Rancourt of Maine.

Taylor Stitch is a crowd-funded site, so you need to act when items are offered. However,  there are plenty of items in their Essentials Collection that are kept in stock. It’s a very well-curated collection.



New For Summer at American Giant: Made in USA

If you know American Giant, it’s probably because they manufacture the garment that has been called “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.” What you may not know is they have lots of new items for both men and women that are worth checking out.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!Newer items from American Giant include summer-weight versions of their most popular items.Three new styles of pants for her: The Kick Flair, the Pant and the Cropped Pant.The Anorak and the Coach’sJacket are two new outerwear options available in Black, Blue and Pine.For the guys, there is the Heather Baseball T, Classic Muscle T and Warm-up T.

And several new dresses for women.Finally, the Weekend Short is new.

So head on over to the American Giant if you need to freshen up your summer wardrobe.



10 Spring Jackets for Men: Made in USA

Last week, we did a post on spring jackets for women. Now it’s the guys’ turn. Check out these fashionable items made in America.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through some of the links in this post. Please do!The Remy Hi-Density Jacket is made of weather resistant microfiber with a leather collar. There are multiple light jackets from Rag & Bone this season.
Helmet Lang denim and “destroyed denim” are both available.
How about these denim jackets from Frame?
This Filson waxed canvas jacket comes from a well-known American heritage brand.The Sodo moisture-wicking zip-up jacket comes in two colors.Need a rain slicker? This one’s from American Trench.

What’s New at Blade and Blue? Lots of Made-in-USA Menswear

I decided to check-in with Blade + Blue to see the newest designs. This San Francisco company was founded in 2013 with inspiration from menswear of the 1950s and 60s. Clothing is produced in small batches and fresh designs are always popping up.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!The newest items can be seen here. The collection includes retro short sleeve sport shirts…A couple of lightweight jackets…Casual long-sleeve shirts…A selection of tees…Some colorful new belts and more.  Check them out!

Regards, Kathy