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Two New Denim Jackets on the Made-in-USA List

‘What’s New Week’ continues with an update to our post “25+ Denim Jackets for Men and Women: Made in USA,” which you can read here.The two jackets we added are from California-based RPMWest, which has been turning out new products at an incredible rate. Available in raw denim and stone-washed denim, this design features two breast pockets, hand warmer pockets, alloy hardware and a leather patch.The RPMWest Denim jacket in a stonewash finish.The denim jacket in raw denim.

If you want to learn a little bit more about RPMWest you can check out the interview we did with them 2 years ago here. They’ve come a long way since then and, having purchased a few items from PRMWest I can tell you that the materials and quality of the product they build is excellent.



Meet Wilson and Willy’s: American Made

I’m always excited when I find a new (or new–to-me) company making clothing here in the USA. Wilson and Willy’s is the latest of these companies. In addition to their own brand of men’s pants, shirts, and outerwear, they also carry a well-curated selection of other American items from companies like Oak Street Boot Makers, PF Flyers,Duluth Pack, Faribault Woolen Mills, and more.

Here are some of our favorite items:Waxed Anorak in Tobasco.
The Raglan Trench Coat is made from Faribault Woolen Mills Military blankets in NYCThe Waxed Rambler Coat features a mid-weight, wind- and water-resistant 8 oz Martexin waxed-canvas and is lined with moleskin.

Manufactured by Hackwith Design House with material from Faribault Woolen Mills, the Madeline jacket is 100% wool.The Melbourne Pajama dress is made from 100% cotton and made in L.A. by Maison Du Soir.The flannel boxy tee is beautifully shaped.The Stephen Kenn Foot Soldier Sofa is made in CA. and features material from Faribault Woolen Mills.

For those in the area, Wilson and Willy’s has a brick and mortar store in Minneapolis, MN.



The Tale of the Tarpon and the Travel Blazer: Made in USA

MadeinUSA_blazerHere at the Americanologists’ blog, we are constantly searching for interesting American-made products to share with our readers. Last night, I came across a men’s blazer with a back-story too good not to re-tell.

It’s called the Orvis Hopsack Travel Blazer and its claim to fame is that you can look as fresh as a daisy when wearing it, even after a long day of travel and activity.

The jacket earned its place in company history years ago, when the Chairman of Orvis, Leigh Perkins (above, with fish) caught a ride to the Key West airport with a fishing guide named Rick Ruoff.  As they neared the airport, the guide’s sixth sense kicked in and he pointed to a canal, saying, “I bet there’s a tarpon in there.” Luckily, they were early for the flight, so they pulled over, started casting and landed a small tarpon. The chairman released the fish, continued on to the airport, still wearing the blazer, flew to his destination and headed off to a meeting where nobody was the wiser that he’s been salt water casting in it!


The secret to the jacket is the hopsack fabric. “Hopsack” is an old word that comes from the loose-woven fabric used to carry beer hops, but don’t worry,  you won’t look like a grain sack in this jacket. The combination of polyester/wool defies wrinkling, resists stains, and packs well for worry-free travel.

There are three exterior and four interior pockets. The inside pockets are a button-tab pocket, a zippered security pocket, and two utility pockets to keep your passport, plane tickets, and documents.

One of the product ratings on the jacket, from a user named “Old Engineer,” was pretty convincing:

“I believe that I’ve owned my Orvis Blazer for well over 25 years. It still looks as sharp as it did when it was new. I wear it for many occasions and find that it is my “go to” sport coat. It’s both casual and dressy. It’s been at both ends of the northern hemisphere and everywhere in between. When I get off the plane, I’m ready for business or just wandering around. The pockets and other features set it above most other jackets. It has exceeded my expectations. I only wish it would be offered in black as well as the classic “navy blue”. I’d jump for another one, even though there’s plenty of life left in my blue one.”



New Made-in-USA Wool Coat on Kickstarter

Over the last few years I have really come to appreciate wool clothing. Some of my favorite items in the closet are wool sweaters, shirts and my vintage Woolrich Buffalo Plaid hunting jacket. So, when I saw the Lifetime Wool Jacket on Kickstarter I just had to feature it. The project, which still has about 30 days to go for funding, is the brain child of Luke Wojnowski of Crafted Wool Co.

craft1The obvious question that ran through my mind was that this looked like the Woolrich Shirt Jac. Even the colors are the same. So we asked Luke why he opted for a product that was so close to another item already made in the USA. The response was that his coat features a more modern fit, more durable stitching and better quality buttons than other comparable products on the market right now.

We like the idea of double-stitching in key areas for increased strength and we especially appreciate the all-important cotton collar liner to save your neck from the inevitable scratchiness of wool. There is a utilitarian feeling to the garment that says, “wear me hard.”

I know it sounds a little cliche’ but this is the type of jacket I enjoy wearing when I am outside splitting wood or walking the dog. It works best with a base layer and is incredibly  versatile.

craft2You know what they saw about wool not retaining odors?  It’s true, which is great-since you will be sending this to be professionally cleaned when it is time. A few extra wears means a little less spent cleaning the garment.

Speaking of wool the material is sourced in the US and the jacket is assembled in California.

afc67376fb91b590311980d32332e332_originalI’d pick the red and black plaid, though the jacket comes in two other colors as well. Not only is the jacket a great value at $89 on Kickstarter but the first 300 people that order it will also receive a free scarf.

BTW, with temperatures in the NE expected to be in the single digits this weekend, this would be the ideal time to break out a wool jacket like this.



RPM West’s Quarter Century Jacket: Made in USA

I have written about RPM West in the past. Heck, I even visited with owner Manuel Rappard when I was in Los Angeles earlier this year.f8fc3de405fd7e7e3903dd542b3aea78_originalSo here is a quick update: RPM is offering what it calls a “Quarter Century Jacket.” I think of it as a fall garment but, with the right base layer, it could be used in the winter. So what’s with the Quarter Century name? That’s right: the jacket is guaranteed for 25 years.

This is a follow-up to a project that launched on Kickstarter earlier this year: the Quarter Century Pant. Made from 12oz Duck canvas from Mount Vernon Mills in SC it is assembled in LA. Now the jacket is available on Kickstarter.

It has a number of design features: quilted lining, a utility hook, large interior and exterior pockets and ribbed cuffs at the wrist. b74be6da220f1ec9376dd06a0fa40013_originalThe best part is, given RPM’s business model, you can get the jacket, which is Made-in-USA, for $159. The Kickstarter goal has already been reached, so the item will definitely make it into production. It is being offered in five different colors.

To  see our previous article on RPM West, please click here.