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A Stone’s Throw From Edison’s Lab, Made-in-USA Menswear Dominates at City Workshop

Two years ago, Roger Stevens had a great job at Morgan Stanley. Only problem? He didn’t feel so great about the direction his life had taken. Long work days combined with three hours of round-trip commuting took their toll until the day in early 2015 when he sat at his desk and and said to himself, ” I don’t want to do this for the rest of my career.”Within a year, he and his wife Josefina had City Workshop Men’s Supply Company up and running in West Orange, NJ. That was in November of 2015 and he has no regrets about their choice. “This can be hard,” he said of the retail trade, “but I’m happy.
A large percentage of the products at City Workshop are Made in America, including familiar and not-so-familiar names. Above: a nice selection of watches from Shinola.Soaps from Duke Cannon (we picked up a bar), socks from American Trench, gloves from Upstate Stock and solid deodorant from Alfred Lane are just a few of the items displayed above.We  couldn’t resist picking up a long-burning soy candle from Fury Brothers.
Roger showed us clothing from Railcar Fine Goods, which we had not heard of before,  including the Chore Coat above.There’s a nice range of jeans available from brands like The Surplus, Left Field and Kato, which offers a very popular four way stretch fabric, We also spotted Red Wing boots and clothing from Taylor Stitch.

We thought Roger had a great sense of style, and Paul could easily see himself wearing most of the items in the store. Roger also mentioned that he’s always looking to add interesting merchandise, which would certainly draw us back.

So if you have a chance, take a trip to West Orange and check out City Workshop.  Then, wander down to the Edison National Historic Site for a little education and history lesson about one of the great inventors of our time.


Paul and Kathy


New Colors for Allen Edmonds’ Made-in-America Shoe Line

When I feel like adding a little extra color to my wardrobe, I typically go with a colorful pair of socks. Allen Edmonds has gone a step further (pardon the pun) and added new colors to some of its classic shoe styles. While these might not be for everyone, they will surely add some flair to whatever you wear.The Strand now comes in 7 colors. Grey Calfskin Leather is shown above.The Cornwallis is shown above in Red Leather.The St. John’s Double Monk Strap in shown in Blue Calfskin Leather.



Meet Wilson and Willy’s: American Made

I’m always excited when I find a new (or new–to-me) company making clothing here in the USA. Wilson and Willy’s is the latest of these companies. In addition to their own brand of men’s pants, shirts, and outerwear, they also carry a well-curated selection of other American items from companies like Oak Street Boot Makers, PF Flyers,Duluth Pack, Faribault Woolen Mills, and more.

Here are some of our favorite items:Waxed Anorak in Tobasco.
The Raglan Trench Coat is made from Faribault Woolen Mills Military blankets in NYCThe Waxed Rambler Coat features a mid-weight, wind- and water-resistant 8 oz Martexin waxed-canvas and is lined with moleskin.

Manufactured by Hackwith Design House with material from Faribault Woolen Mills, the Madeline jacket is 100% wool.The Melbourne Pajama dress is made from 100% cotton and made in L.A. by Maison Du Soir.The flannel boxy tee is beautifully shaped.The Stephen Kenn Foot Soldier Sofa is made in CA. and features material from Faribault Woolen Mills.

For those in the area, Wilson and Willy’s has a brick and mortar store in Minneapolis, MN.



Multiple Men’s Boot Styles, On-Sale Now: Made in USA

Boot sales seem to be popping up everywhere!Multiple boot brands are on sale at Nordstrom.Huckberry has multiple designs of  Thorogood boots on sale. Allen Edmonds has multiple styles at very significant discounts. We can’t create a search showing just boots, so this link will show all sale items. While all the boots are Made in USA, not all the shoes are.Click, then scroll to the bottom to see the Helm boot styles that are now on sale.
woolrichbootusa2These Woolrich Yankee lined boots are currently on sale.
Through January 19 you can get $25 off plus free shipping with code  ENJOY25 on Orvis boots (and anything else).


American Shine Co: A Father-Son Team That Manufactures in the USA

I’ve learned in writing this blog that, by taking proper care of an item, you can extend its life well beyond that of the throw-away products favored by too many consumers today.

Take my shoes and boots. Everything I buy now can be re-crafted, meaning it can be returned to the manufacturer for an overhaul of the sole, heel, stitching, etc. I leave that part to the professionals, but the things I can do myself include polishing, airing and treating them with the recommended products.
Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to the type of polish, wax, brush or rag used to care for their shoes but you definitely need a box to hold everything. For sentimental reasons I still use my dad’s shine box, but it doesn’t quite meet my storage needs like the ones I recently spotted from American Shine Co. Their  Executive model is shown above in Cherry and Chestnut. They measure: 12″ x 9″ x 11″

Not only does the American Shine Co. box hold your stuff, it also features polish rails which make that final buffing step so much easier. If storage space is a concern, check out the Pioneer model, shown in Natural and Ebony above. It is a slightly smaller box measuring: 12″ x 9″ x 7″.

The American Shine Co. is the creation of Matt and Steve Golia, a father-son team who hand-craft their products in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to their products, the site includes a section on proper shoe car that will help to keep your leather shoes looking sharp. You’ll find it here.