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Leather Flip-Flops For Men and Women: Made in the USA

The past few weeks have brought some very strange weather to the Northeast. The month of May has felt more like April with buckets of  rain and cool temperatures. Finally, though, it looks like the warm weather is ready to settle in and we can put the heavy boots away for the season and break out some summer footwear.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through some of the links in this post. Please do!The basic leather sandal, like these by Ocean Rider (above and below) feature a hand-made leather strap, a non-skid rubber sole and a leather footbed.
If you crave a little flash of color, choose embroidered webbing with nautical or patriotic designs -or a skull and crossbones design with a fish in its mouth!

For women, SAS has cute leather flip-flops and sandals in multiple colors and styles.Luna Sandals, for men and women, are made in Seattle.

Finally, we found these men’s leather flip-flops at Brooks Brothers.



Paul and Kathy

New Colors for Allen Edmonds’ Made-in-America Shoe Line

When I feel like adding a little extra color to my wardrobe, I typically go with a colorful pair of socks. Allen Edmonds has gone a step further (pardon the pun) and added new colors to some of its classic shoe styles. While these might not be for everyone, they will surely add some flair to whatever you wear.The Strand now comes in 7 colors. Grey Calfskin Leather is shown above.The Cornwallis is shown above in Red Leather.The St. John’s Double Monk Strap in shown in Blue Calfskin Leather.



American Shine Co: A Father-Son Team That Manufactures in the USA

I’ve learned in writing this blog that, by taking proper care of an item, you can extend its life well beyond that of the throw-away products favored by too many consumers today.

Take my shoes and boots. Everything I buy now can be re-crafted, meaning it can be returned to the manufacturer for an overhaul of the sole, heel, stitching, etc. I leave that part to the professionals, but the things I can do myself include polishing, airing and treating them with the recommended products.
Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to the type of polish, wax, brush or rag used to care for their shoes but you definitely need a box to hold everything. For sentimental reasons I still use my dad’s shine box, but it doesn’t quite meet my storage needs like the ones I recently spotted from American Shine Co. Their  Executive model is shown above in Cherry and Chestnut. They measure: 12″ x 9″ x 11″

Not only does the American Shine Co. box hold your stuff, it also features polish rails which make that final buffing step so much easier. If storage space is a concern, check out the Pioneer model, shown in Natural and Ebony above. It is a slightly smaller box measuring: 12″ x 9″ x 7″.

The American Shine Co. is the creation of Matt and Steve Golia, a father-son team who hand-craft their products in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to their products, the site includes a section on proper shoe car that will help to keep your leather shoes looking sharp. You’ll find it here.



Want Wool-Lined Boots Made in the USA? Here You Go!

Yesterday morning when I took our dog for a walk, it hit me just how quickly the weather here in NJ has changed. It is cold out there! I mean really cold, 36 degrees to be exact.woolrichbootusa2So, later in the day,  when I saw these Woolrich Yankee lined boots, I figured I owed it to our readers to feature them in a post. I believe that you need to be comfortable no matter what the weather, but you also need to look good and that goes for casual clothing as well as dress clothing. I think these boots handle that balancing act perfectly.dg0corkqnx_yankee-wool_lined_3_originalI love the idea that they are wool-lined for warmth and I would pair them with an American-Made wool sock.  What could be better than toasty-warm feet courtesy of a handmade USA boot, crafted from American Horween leather and lined with wool woven in Pennsylvania?

zsl9samztv_yankee-wool_lined_4_originalThere are some nice little touches on these boots, like the stacked-leather heel and the stitching. The Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram sole mean you are going to be able own these for a very long time, as long as you have a good cobbler to help maintain them.272uyhrjph_yankee-wool_lined_2_originalWe’re always happy to see new products made by Woolrich or using Woolrich wool. It gives us a lift after our depressing visit to the Woolrich Factory store back in 2014. Woolrich Squatch Boots are also  American made.

So wear these well, stay warm and look good.




Allen Edmonds, More Than Just Shoes: Made in USA

A few weeks ago I got a copy of the latest Allen Edmonds catalog, along with a few emails announcing new products. I really enjoyed paging through the catalog because (let’s get the obvious out of the way ) Allen Edmonds makes some great shoes here in the USA.home-grid-2015-11-01-daltonMy personal favorites have long been the Dalton Boot line (above)…


and the Strand in walnut. Both feature classic styling and can dress up any outfit – even the jeans and button-down shirt combination that dominates my work wardrobe.home-secondary-2015-10-14-vintageNew this season is the Vintage Distressed Collection, a nod to the “Greatest Generation,” those who fought in WWII. The Normandy boots and Overlord shoes have a rugged look and  hint of nostalgia for the 1940s. These are limited runs so, if you are interested, act now.
allenedmonds_fall-2014_outerwear_short-zip-out-coat_suede-nubuck-goldThere are other reasons to check out Allen Edmonds: shearling outerwear, (above) sport coats, socks, belts, and a really sharp line of canvas bags, plus the Bison collection made by JW Hulme.american-bison-20150728I also appreciate the way Allen Edmonds clearly identifies which items are made in the USA (they also manufacture shoes in the Dominican Republic) and if they include imported materials.

Looking for a bargain? Don’t be afraid to check out the Clearance section on the website or the Shoe Bank Factory Outlet.

When ordering shoes check out if they qualify for the recrafting service. After a few hard years of wear and tear you can make a minimal investment and end up with a near-new pair of Allen Edmonds Made in the USA.