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Made In Mayhem: Made in America

Kathy sent me a link about Made in Mayhem, a San Francisco-based company that uses premium materials to create as they say: “durable sophisticated and functional goods”. What’s cool about the site is the range of products, from a simple leather wallet to a crocodile-embossed leather backpack… and a lot of things in between.The “Fredrick” on the left is a crocodile-embossed leather backpack, while the “Eleanor” is a shoulder bag of the same material with hidden, shorter handles.The “Franklin” is an iPad case with additional pockets for phone, business cards, etc.
The “Canyon Combo” features a wool blanket and leather harness.

The “Aloha Beach Bag” has a Hawaiian floral print with leather accents.

Leather belts, wallets and a variety of other goods are waiting to be discovered at Made in Mayhem.



Ten Places to Find Great-Looking Made-in-USA Handbags

What woman doesn’t love a great bag? It’s the level playing field of fashion. Whether you’re young or old, skinny or fat, a beautiful bag looks good on you! Here are some suggestions if you want to join the Shop USA movement and put your fashion dollars into an American-made bag.

Sundance Catalog (some bags only)