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An American Jewelry Sale for Independence Day

If you like to dazzle in diamonds or shine in pearls, you probably already know that these items are not mined or harvested in the USA.  The same is true of many gems. However, the stone is just the beginning of a piece of jewelry, and you CAN buy dazzling items that are handcrafted by jewelers in the USA.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!

Allurez, a jewelry-maker that manufactures in New York, is having a Fourth of July sale on American-made items. Check out some of the beautiful pieces you can buy for a loved one or -why not – yourself! The sale runs through July 5.

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American-Made Polo Shirts at J. Crew

The polo shirt is a staple of the summer wardrobe, but you can step-up your style with all-cotton fabric and rich, garment dyed colors.Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!J. Crew has some great-looking shades in its 2017 collection. The colors change from year to year, so if you like what you see, grab it now.If you’re in the mood to browse, Here’s J. Crew’s full selection of American Made products.

Baerreis Sculptural Salad Servers: Made in USA

One of the wonders of good design is that it allows people to find joy in using ordinary objects. You don’t have to go to an art gallery to experience beauty if you choose items for your home that will delight you every day with their appearance.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Martha and Phil Baerreis live in the southern Appalachian Mountains where they make beautiful wooden objects for everday use. I was especially struck by the simple beauty of their salad servers, which come in several wood varieties.

When they’re not in use shoveling greens onto your plate, simply set them on a table, where they resembled a serene pair of praying hands.Other designs may not pass as works of art, but they will add enjoyment to you meals. Check out these makers today.

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Minuteman Wants Your Input on New Watches

Minuteman Watches assembles its products in the USA, sourcing its movement and some parts from overseas. What makes the Minuteman watches stand out, in our opinion, is that a percentage of the profits have gone to Veterans since the company was founded.Right now, they are thinking about producing a line of 4-5 cushion type cases. Here are the designs they are currently considering.Want to help out? Email them at and let them know which ones you like most.

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Historic Waukesha Engine Co. Jobs Go to Canada Courtesy of GE

We usually focus on the “Buy American” message, filling our posts with interesting products in hope of showing Americans that, yes, they can actually find a large number of the goods they need right in their own backyards.

Every once in a while, though, it’s good to focus on the hard realities that drive our mission. Namely, the suffering of ordinary Americans whose middle-class jobs are disappearing out from under them.

CNN has posted an eye-opening video on the relocation of a GE factory (formerly the Waukesha Engine Co.) to Canada. The sight of grown men, barely holding back tears as they face the loss of a company that has employed family members for generations, is truly sobering.  Check out the video here and please buy American-Made.