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An American Jewelry Sale for Independence Day

If you like to dazzle in diamonds or shine in pearls, you probably already know that these items are not mined or harvested in the USA.  The same is true of many gems. However, the stone is just the beginning of a piece of jewelry, and you CAN buy dazzling items that are handcrafted by jewelers in the USA.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!

Allurez, a jewelry-maker that manufactures in New York, is having a Fourth of July sale on American-made items. Check out some of the beautiful pieces you can buy for a loved one or -why not – yourself! The sale runs through July 5.

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Attention Fidgeters, Worriers and the Socially Stressed: This Ring is For You

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

What’s New Week continues with an innovative, worry-bead-replacing ring from the Grommet. Are you the person who’s constantly tapping your pen on the desk, bending paper clips or drumming your fingers on the computer mouse? We have something way better-looking for you to play with.The unisex Hammered Spinner Ring is hand-made in Maine and designed to help you burn off nervous energy. Boss driving you crazy? Spin the three outer rings on the wider, sterling silver band to calm yourself a bit.The band is made from 925 sterling silver and you can choose between copper, brass, or sterling silver for the spinners.

They’re quite beautiful, even if you’re having a good day.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Made in USA

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is underway and there are literally thousands of deals on American-Made products. We’ve compiled a bunch of links for you to get started. Just be aware that search results at most retailers contain some errors, so double check that it says “Made in USA” in the description of the product you’re buying.
MenMen’s ClothingShoes_madeinUSAMen’s shoesMens_madeinUSAMen’s accessories

WomensWomen’s clothingMadeinUSA_ShoesWomen’s ShoesAccessories_MadeinUSAWomen’s AccessoriesMadeinUSA_Bedding2Bedding


To see all the Made-in-USA products on sale at Nordstrom, go here.

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