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Canvas Jackets For Him and Her: Made in USA

I stepped outside this morning to walk the dog and realized something: it’s getting cool out there!  The day has come when I’m going to need something a little more substantial than a long sleeve shirt. Then, with perfect timing, we received an American Giant Catalog in this afternoon’s mail and I was immediately drawn to the canvas jackets for him and her.The Mechanics Jacket and Utility Shell are both made from a heavy duty water resistant canvas. The men’s jacket is partially lined while the women’s isn’t.Both the men’s and women’s jackets comes in two colors; Cargo Green and Raven Black. The women’s jacket features an A-Line silhouette while the men’s jacket features elasticized shoulder gussets which allows for greater freedom of movement.Finally, the men’s jacket also features a waist adjustment if you like a slimmer fit. Both garments are made in Oakland, California.

I have a barn jacket that is coming to the end of  its useful life and now I have a good idea of what I will be replacing it with.



New For Summer at American Giant: Made in USA

If you know American Giant, it’s probably because they manufacture the garment that has been called “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.” What you may not know is they have lots of new items for both men and women that are worth checking out.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!Newer items from American Giant include summer-weight versions of their most popular items.Three new styles of pants for her: The Kick Flair, the Pant and the Cropped Pant.The Anorak and the Coach’sJacket are two new outerwear options available in Black, Blue and Pine.For the guys, there is the Heather Baseball T, Classic Muscle T and Warm-up T.

And several new dresses for women.Finally, the Weekend Short is new.

So head on over to the American Giant if you need to freshen up your summer wardrobe.



The Empowerment Coat: Warmth for the Homeless; Made In USA

(The Americanologists will be on vacation until January 4. See you in 2017!)

Let me start off by saying we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a healthy and enriching New Year.Now that you’ve bought gifts for what seems like everyone under the sun, we hope you will indulge us as we suggest one more gift for a person in need. This product, called the Empowerment Coat really struck a chord with us, and we have purchased one.
Designed to provide basic protection from harsh weather for homeless people, it is also designed to act as a sleeping bag. The Empowerment Coat came about as a school project by now CEO Veronika Scott to create a product that filled a need in her community.
The Empowerment Coat is built in Detroit. Not only is the coat made from water resistant fabric from Carhartt, it also uses up-cycled insulation from General Motors.The photo above shows the coat with the sleeping bag attachment.One of the best parts of the Empowerment Coat story is that the people being put to work making the coat are typically homeless single parents who are trained and educated to help end the cycle. To date, 34 homeless individuals have found employment working on the Empowerment Coat and over 15,000 coats have been made and distributed.

Like many of you, as we get to the end of the year it is time for us to write a few checks to our favorite charities. I think the Empowerment Plan is a very worthy cause.


Paul and Kathy