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Fall’s Here and So Are Todd Shelton’s New Flannel Shirts

The Fall is, by far, my favorite season. I am in my element the minute the temperature drops low enough to throw on a flannel shirt. toddshelton_flannel1Which brings me to the latest additions to my wardrobe: two flannels shirts from the new line by Todd Shelton, which I received as birthday gifts. (Thank you, family.)toddshelton_flannel2 I love the plaid patterns I received: Autumn Carpenter is a light to mid weight 100% cotton flannel in dark blue with orange stripes.toddshelton_flannel3The Sequoia flannel is a heavier material and features green earth tones with red accent stripes.toddshelton_logoIf you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know that I’m a huge fan of this East Rutherford, NJ-based manufacturer. We’ve been to his facility several times, which you can read about here and here. I got measured in his small showroom, which I’d recommend for anyone who lives in or visits the New York City area.

With Todd Shelton, the fit is everything – and once you set up your fit profile, every piece is like a custom-made item. (Just don’t make the mistake of losing/gaining weight and not updating your profile.)toddshelton_womenIn the past my posts about Todd Shelton have focused only on menswear, but now Todd is developing a line of women’s wear, so, in the future, you might be getting a post or two from Kathy.

Meanwhile, guys, if you appreciate quality, fit and style you owe it to yourself to check-out Todd Shelton.




20 Tough Made-in-USA Work Aprons

I was doing some simple maintenance work on my bicycle this weekend and ended up with just enough oil and grease on my clothes to make me wish I had worn an apron (or some really crummy clothes). So, in this updated post, you’ll find lots of American-Made work aprons, one of which I will have to make a point to buy myself. hardmillapronsMultiple styles of rugged work aprons can be found at Hardmill, a company started by two brothers in Seattle.nyapronsUnder New York Sky creates aprons for men and women using denim, cotton, leather and other materials. BlueCut makes a range of aprons, one of our favorites is the Mason which features a denim kevlar mix with copper rivets. hickory_stripe_splitOne of the local manufacturers that I want to visit is Norman Porter out of Philadelphia, PA. They offer 32″ long work aprons made from 100% cotton featuring a pencil pocket and two waist pockets. unnamedHedley and Bennett caters to the food industry (pardon the pun), but since you might typically reach for a cold one after completing that woodworking or other project, we figure it should be included.


Brooklyn-based Kill Devil Hill makes custom aprons. The one above is called the Australia.
325T_olive_tim_square_resize_grandeWaxed canvas artisan apron from the Artifact Bag Company.

 Capps Leather Work Apron, Baldwin Oak by Moore & Giles.
Leather aprons from Moonshine Leather blues
 Prison Blues Aprons: Made by prisoners serving time in the East Oregon Correctional Institute.
ladies-cotton-stripe-cross-back-apron-pocket-8 ladies-denim-cross-back-apron-first-3
Designed for women, these Cross-Back Aprons were inspired by an apron owned by the Dutch grandmother of Adriana Kielder and is handmade with long-time friend Reiko Nakamura in New York City.
arefv r
drc bhv
Crossback Aprons from Butcher & Baker.
Waxed Canvas Shop Apron by Randi Jo Fabrications

Grifter Work Gloves: Made in the USA

This has been one cold winter here in the Northeast. We’ve had our wood-burning stove going pretty much around the clock, which means I’ve been splitting and hauling wood into the house on a regular basis. I learned last year after a couple of painful encounters with splinters that I need a good pair of gloves. Right now, I ‘m using some old mixed and matched pairs that have survived years of yard work, but after checking out Grifter Company gloves, I’m ready to upgrade. When you check out the site, you’ll see that the focus is on motorcycle riding, but I’m looking at these gloves with the sole purpose of doing some hard work around the old homestead.
eparrilla2The Onyx Ranger is made from Cone Mill selvedge denim and is wool lined.
imageThe Ranger is made from selvedge denim and bison leather, durable and damn good looking!

IMG_2133-1You can order the Goat, which is a limited edition Cone Mill denim glove, with oxblood goatskin.




More Tough Made-in-USA Work Aprons

One of our most popular posts, which came as a bit of a surprise, has been “10 Tough Made-in-USA Work Aprons.” We’ve seen a few more aprons since then that deserve a mention:

The Rockland from Butcher & Bake
The Portland from Butcher & Baker

See the full line of Butcher & Baker aprons here.

Waxed Canvas Apron from Hardmill
Waxed Canvas Shop Apron by Randi Jo Fabrications

Stanley & Sons

See our full list of aprons here.