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Lots of American-Made Work Clothing On Sale for St. Patrick’s Day

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

A enormous amount of Made-in-USA workwear is on sale during an 11-day St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Working Person’s Store. Through March 27, get 17% off any order of $125 or more with promo code POTOFGOLD and free shipping on any order over $49. The offer applies only to full price items, though sale items will come up in the searches below.If you need new boots, this is a great time to buy. Brands such as Wolverine, Chippewa, ThorogoodBates and more are included in the sale.Carhartt work pants are also included…Along with various brands of shirts.Or pick up a whole range of Filson products.Work knives are offered too.

Click to see all the Made-in-USA workwear.

Regards, Kathy

Want Wool-Lined Boots Made in the USA? Here You Go!

Yesterday morning when I took our dog for a walk, it hit me just how quickly the weather here in NJ has changed. It is cold out there! I mean really cold, 36 degrees to be exact.woolrichbootusa2So, later in the day,  when I saw these Woolrich Yankee lined boots, I figured I owed it to our readers to feature them in a post. I believe that you need to be comfortable no matter what the weather, but you also need to look good and that goes for casual clothing as well as dress clothing. I think these boots handle that balancing act perfectly.dg0corkqnx_yankee-wool_lined_3_originalI love the idea that they are wool-lined for warmth and I would pair them with an American-Made wool sock.  What could be better than toasty-warm feet courtesy of a handmade USA boot, crafted from American Horween leather and lined with wool woven in Pennsylvania?

zsl9samztv_yankee-wool_lined_4_originalThere are some nice little touches on these boots, like the stacked-leather heel and the stitching. The Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram sole mean you are going to be able own these for a very long time, as long as you have a good cobbler to help maintain them.272uyhrjph_yankee-wool_lined_2_originalWe’re always happy to see new products made by Woolrich or using Woolrich wool. It gives us a lift after our depressing visit to the Woolrich Factory store back in 2014. Woolrich Squatch Boots are also  American made.

So wear these well, stay warm and look good.




Gifts For Weekend Wood-Choppers: Made in USA

I have a real interest in working outdoors and – in particular -getting our supply of wood ready for the coming winter.  I’ve done previous posts entitled

-“Axes, Wedges and Mauls

-“Axes, Wedges and Mauls, Part Two

But today, we are going to check out a few extra-special gift items for the woodchopper in your life.

leather gloves

I learned early on that you need a good pair of gloves and nothing beats leather. These Panhandler Gloves from Sullivan Glove Co, are basic work wear and they are on sale right now.

Red Wing
Don’t forget to protect your loved one’s feet. One missed swing wearing sneakers and it’s off to the ER.

I had a near miss myself this summer. I spent a few hours splitting wood and should have stopped when I got tired but didn’t. I missed the log and the axe hit the front of my boot. There was a large dent in the leather but, luckily, no damage other than a bruised toe. It got me thinking if maybe I should have had a pair of logger boots or safety-toe shoes on.  For example, the Red Wing Logger Boots shown above have a steel toe and are Made in the USA.



Another Made-in-USA example is the Carolina Men’s 922 EH Logger Boots.



Safety glasses are great gifts because when you are working outside, stuff will fly. These ESS Safety Glasses are stylish, designed with a broad temple for side protection and can accept Rx  lenses.

On a wooded property, the Woodman’s Pal machete can come in handy to get past all the brush. The company has been making them in Pennsylvania since 1941. It’s a brand that’s popular with surveyors, loggers, and foresters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same quality. The “Pal” can trim, prune, chop, and split, performing the tasks of many other tools. Shown above is the Woodman’s Pal Classic Machete w/Nylon Sheath & Stone,  To see more of the Made-in-USA products from Woodman’s Friend, click here.

For the record, I prefer to split my own wood with a maul and wedge but plenty of people would be thrilled to get this Swisher log splitter from Tractor Supply Company. At 22 tons it is capable of splitting a 24″ diameter log.


Once the wood is split, you need a means of carrying thelogs to the house or storage rack. This sturdy canvas and leather log carrier moves firewood in style and it is guaranteed for life.

redstone rack

Another item from Tractor Supply Co is this wood storage rack which needs two 2″ x 4″s and you have a nice neat place to season your wood for the upcoming winter.


This Hy-C Small Log Rack from Walmart lifts the wood off the ground and you don’t have to supply the 2″x4″s. It’s also available in medium and large sizes.


After all the hard work of the day, it’s great to kick back and open a favorite beverage, so a bottle opener, like this one from GrOpener, makes a fine gift. It’s designed for one-hand operation, so the drinking can begin as soon as you have the canvas log tote securely in your hands. The built-in magnet even holds onto the cap .



Better-Made Boots: Built in America


IMG_3761I’ve really started to enjoy wearing well-made shoes and boots. Over the last three years I’ve purchased Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots and Red Wing Iron Rangers.

The 1000 mile boot (top) has great style and has broken-in really well and the Rangers (bottom) have been my go-to boots for both work and the weekend. They’re more utilitarian – you can see they’ve taken a beating – but they still clean up pretty well.

Did these shoes cost more than shoes coming from overseas? Absolutely. Are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. The fact that they can be re-crafted (new soles, new heels, etc.) just means that I will be able to get extended life out of them. In the long run, I will have spent less money while getting to wear better shoes.