Made-in-USA: New Respect From Overseas Hipsters

I’ve seen two shops lately that display the new reverence that foreign hipsters are giving to classic American culture and design. The first is called The Workers Store, which is an online shop in Japan. Believe it or not, the image below is their front page header.

The shop links to some current U.S. manufacturers and recreates lost garments from America’s industrial heyday, such as those shown below. The designs are those that railroad workers, miners and various manual laborers in the USA would have worn. The site also has lots of classic U.S. advertising and directions on how to sew your own work clothes. Even if you can’t read Japanese, you’ll enjoy clicking around and looking at the pictures.
The second shop that surprised me was Le Comptoir Americain, or The American Trading Post, which was founded by a Frenchman who has travelled frequently to the USA and obviously likes our style. 

The store – logo shown above – is full of fun stuff that screams America – and is made here. I was happy (and surprised) to find some items I hadn’t seen before.

I found it really enjoyable to peek in on people from other parts of the world who were enjoying the stuff that came (or still comes) from our part of the world. Let’s hope this is a growing trend that will benefit USA manufacturers.


A Dozen Durable Work Pants and Work Jeans Made-in-USA

This post is dedicated to my cousin Jim, who says that he can’t find American-made work pants.Stan-Ray Apparel produces Double Knee Construction Pants, Carpenter Pants, Cargo Pants, Painter’s Overalls and more. They don’t have their own online store yet, but check out the selection at All Seasons Work Uniforms.

Round House offers carpenter jeans, everyday jeans and overalls for men. If you need some jeans for a really dirty job, they sell their irregulars at crazy-low prices starting at $14.95.Duluth Trading makes the humorously-named Ballroom Jeans with hidden gusset.The All American Clothing Company has a variety of jeans for men and women. They don’t really make a distinction between work jeans and other styles, but you can kind of judge for yourself.

L.C. King Manufacturing, the creators of Pointer Brand workwear, makes coveralls, overalls, work pants and jeans for men and women.Texas Jeans has multiple styles of denim, including fire-resistant work jeans for men.These Union Line Carpenter Jeans can be found on All USA Clothing.Red Ants Pants specializes in workwear for women.

Steamhorse Railroad Gauge Gusset Workpants feature “extra room in the caboose.”Diamond Gusset also makes gusseted jeans for men and women.Carhartt has three remaining styles of work pants on its site that are made in the USA. However, another American-made style – perhaps older stock – is being sold on the All USA Clothing site.

Update: 20 Made-in-USA Sock Brands – Treat Your Toes Right!

Update: When we first wrote this post, we’d located 7 sources of Made-in-USA socks. Now we have twenty!
1. Richer-Poorer says its cotton blend socks, for men and women, are intended to give wearers the chance to have some fun even when they’re stuck in monotonous daily wardrobes. Mission accomplished! However, be sure to choose the “USA MADE” tab at Richer-Poorer because not all of their socks are American-made. Unfortunately, their “newest arrivals” section shows very few American-made choices.

2. Not all the socks sold by Orvis are American-made, but the Invincible line is. These are the company’s super-high quality socks in merino wool and cotton.

3. All Wigwam socks, whether for work, play, sports or medical need, are USA-made. We’ve both worn this brand and love them. In fact, in the winter we’ve been known to steal pairs from each other on the coldest days and it’s not unusual to hear, “Hey, aren’t those MY socks?”

4. The folks in Vermont make Darn Tough Socks so rugged, they offer a LIFETIME  guarantee! As they say on the website, “If you were able to wear out a pair of Darn Tough socks, we’ll replace them.”

5. Dapper Classics was founded by father and son named Fred and Harrison Rich in 2011. Their specialty is high-end men’s dress socks made in the USA.

6. Solmate Socks: “Life is too short for matching socks,” says Vermont’s Socklady, and we’re inclined to agree after checking out these fun, colorful Solmate socks! Made in the USA from recycled cotton, these wonderfully mismatched socks are available for children, adults, and now babies.

7. American Trench is best known for its snappy trench coats, but they also offer some nice-looking cotton socks for men, which are manufactured in North Carolina.

8. Bamboosa socks combine Viscose from Organic Bamboo with Lycra for a soft, comfortable feel.

9. Fox River Mills, established in 1900, makes FoxSox for every imaginable activity and, they’ve got some very appealing designs.

10. Zkano Socks: Made in Alabama, Zkano socks are all-cotton and organic. You can create your own 3-pack for $39.

11. Thorlo Socks markets their products to “people whose feet hurt.” Their socks are distinguished by their comfortable padding and the company says they will always be made in the USA.

12. Chrissy’s Knee Highs are fashion socks; inexpensive and made with mostly man-made fibers. But they’re probably the only USA manufacturer that can offer you spooky socks on Halloween, patriotic socks on the Fourth of July and breast cancer-awareness socks to wear to your local fundraiser.

13. BakerSox is a fast-growing manufacturer that does its own knitting, finishing, wholesaling and distribution of men’s, ladies, and children’s socks.

14. New Balance has some American-made socks to go along with its popular American-made sneakers. There are currently 8 pairs offered on the website.

15, Socks4Life carries more than 100 different USA-made socks, including the American Brand, blue-heel style shown above.

16. RocknSocks offers colorful, creative socks in multiple styles for men and women.

17. Duluth Trading Company offers types of Made-in-USA socks. They call their own brand “indestructible.”

18. Socks from Organic Threads are made from organic cotton that is grown, processed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Available at Cotton Acres. 

19. Maggies’s Socks are organic and fair trade. Each sock has a tab to check its “origins,” where the cotton was grown and where the sock was made.

20. K. Bell has a number of sock styles made in the USA. Our favorites are the patriotic designs of Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge and the flag.

When Camo Goes Glam-O: Made in USA

The Frank Clegg Camo Duffel is at the top of the luxury list for camo-lovers. Look closely – that’s not a printed-on pattern. The leather is handcrafted piece-by-piece.
The TM1985 Weekend Duffle comes in a good-looking camo pattern. It’s handmade of leather and canvas in New York City 
These camo iPad and iMac sleeves are made by Topo Designs.
Made of 100% cotton, the Elwood Men’s Camo Stripe Polo is a great-looking shirt!
Check out these Justin Brand Rugged Tan Gaucho Boots for women, featuring a True Timber pink camouflage pattern.

The purpose of camouflage is to prevent yourself from being seen. That won’t work with these Camouflage High Waisted Shorts from iHeartRaves

The Lira Tiger Stripes Pocket Tee is all-cotton with a crew neck and an attractive balance of solids and camo patterns.
The only one thing wrong with these Rag & Bone Stretch Skinny Jeans in Grey Camo is that the biggest size they come in is 32.
You can have this Camo Bedding Duvet Cover with Pillow Covers personalized at the RedBeauty shop on Etsy.  Available in twin, Queen and King sizes.

Fresco Towels in three sizes: Bath, Hand and washcloth sizes. Made in the USA of Turkish cotton.

A little bit of camouflage goes a long way with these New Balance 

Feisty Little USA-Made Barbecue Grill Grabs “Best New Product” Award

We got a tweet from the Made in America Store saying that one of their products was recently voted “Best New Product” in the National Hardware Show’s All-American category. Congratulations!

This nifty invention is called the All American Grill and it was created at General Welding & Fabricating, another company owned by the Made in America Store’s leader, Mark Andol. It’s designed for tailgating, camping, condo-grilling; any situation where a full size grill won’t work.

That’s Mark there in the middle, showing off his award. When he says “All American Grill,” he means it. The product, Mark says, is “100% Made in America by American Workers using American Steel in an American Factory.”

Even the decorative cut-outs around the grill are All-American.

Price for the grill was set at $250, but it’s on sale right now and you can grab it for $199 at the Made in America Store through Memorial Day.

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