A Dozen Bowie Knives Made in the USA

There’s no shortage of companies making knives in the USA. One of the most recognized styles is the Bowie or hunting knife. While here, in the wilds of NJ, there is not a great need for a hunting knife, there is almost always an occasion where one could come in handy around the home. Check out these beautiful examples:

Knightedge Stag Bowie Knife
Case Leather Hunter
Black Wolf Armory
ML Knives
Murphy Knives
Silver Stag Short Bowie
Randall Made Knives Little Bear Bowie

Winchester Standard Bowie 10″ Etched Blade

Above, yes this is the same Winchester famous for the lever action rifle that won the west.

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Shaving in the USA: Part Three

In the first part of this series, we covered shaving soaps. In the second, our focus was shaving brushes and mugs. In today’s final part of this series we cover the all-important razor.
I still use a Gillette Fusion but after researching this article I feel it might be time for a little experimentation. The only question is – when is my social calendar empty for a few weeks so the scars from trying out a straight razor have time to heal?

There are three types of razors out there: the modern safety razor, the safety razor your father used where you dropped-in the super-thin double-sided blades from the top, and the straight edge razor. 
Yes. it’s true –  the straight edge – that razor that has slit many a throat in horror movies – is actually quite popular amongst the shaving community. These beautiful works of art can be extremely unforgiving but give an incredibly close shave.
Many feel that the best steel razors come from Germany, but we’ve found a number of US manufacturers worth looking at. 

Hart Steel Razors
Edson Razors
Tim Zowada Custom Razors
Alex Jaques
Max Sprecher Razors
Brian Brown Razors
Tradere Open Comb Safety Razor

Tradere (above) is a US manufacturer of safety razors. If you check out their site as of this posting, you’ll see that they are trying to find a U.S. source for parts as the current supplier was not meeting their quality standards.

Above the Tie Atlas H1 Stainless Steel Razor
“Above the Tie” features a line of USA-made safety razors made from stainless steel. They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 
Personna Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
A safety razor needs blades and Personna (above) is there to supply them:
Preserve Razors

For a earth friendly option check out Preserve Products razor handle made from recycled yogurt cups. It is Made in the USA and will accept Personna cartridges.

Leather Strop by Bison Made

And finally, no discussion on straight-edge shaving would be complete without a strop. Here’s one from Bison-Made.

KitchenAid Mixer Coming Back to America!

Well, this is good news! The beloved KitchenAid Mixer, which has, for the last 6 years been built in China, is coming back to America. Whirlpool – the parent company – announced on March 14, 2014, that it would invest nearly $40 million to expand its Greenville Ohio plant and will add 400 workers over the next four years.

The announcement said that the company made this decision due to increased demand for its products, but I’d like to think that the increasing demand from the public for Made-in-USA products had something to do with it.

The announcement added that, “eighty percent of the products Whirlpool sells in the U.S. are made in the U.S. and the company is committed to investing $1 billion in its U.S. footprint between 2010 and 2014. That commitment includes investments at the company’s Greenville and Clyde, Ohio, facilities, additional manufacturing operations and a new office complex at the company’s headquarters town of Benton Harbor, Michigan.” Whirlpool currently has about 15,000 manufacturing workers in the USA.

Furniture to Fit Your Body Size: Made in the USA

I’ve never before seen a furniture company suggest tdhat you choose items by your body size. But it makes perfect sense! On its Furniture to Fit page, Maine Cottage describes people of different sizes and why certain chairs are best for them. All of Maine Cottage’s products are made in the USA, using mostly maple, poplar and maple veneer. Below you’ll see some of their great looking chairs.

One couple's search for a Made-in-USA lifestyle