Furniture to Fit Your Body Size: Made in the USA

I’ve never before seen a furniture company suggest tdhat you choose items by your body size. But it makes perfect sense! On its Furniture to Fit page, Maine Cottage describes people of different sizes and why certain chairs are best for them. All of Maine Cottage’s products are made in the USA, using mostly maple, poplar and maple veneer. Below you’ll see some of their great looking chairs.

Hey Buddy, can I get a Light?

Some of the most enduring Americana images are those of the 50’s greaser lighting a cigarette, a femme fatal sitting at a bar asking her hero for a light, and the detective reaching for a smoke just before going into the interrogation room. In most cases what they were reaching for was a Zippo lighter. Yes, the Zippo lighters are still made in the USA – in Brandford, PA to be exact – and there are more options than you can imagine. Here are a few:

The Blu2 line offers a butane flame in a stylish package.

While most Zippo lighters are advertised as wind proof the Emergency Fire Starter Kit (above) will not let you down in the rain or snow with its waxed tinder stick and water resistant seal.

There are hundreds of lighter designs including the one above from my favorite show Sons of Anarchy.

The only other lighter we were able to find that was made in the USA is the Peanut, or Split Pea which you can buy from Best Made or Ball and Buck respectively. The cricket is more of an emergency lighter as opposed to an everyday use lighter, but it will make a great addition to your EDC.


From Hilarious Dad-Quotes to Made-in-USA Wall Art

Nathan Ripperger, like most parents, sometimes found himself surprised by the words that came out of his own mouth. He illustrated some of his strangest sayings, just for his own enjoyment.  Except people kept wanting to buy them.

He now has a business called – what else – “Things I’ve Said to My Children.” Check out his artwork and see if it might brighten one of your walls.

Ripperger says, “I’m a father of four boys and who’s married to the best woman in the world. I have been in video production for over eight years and just love creating.” He says his latest works have been, “a great creative outlet and lets me share the joy of parenting with like minded people from all of the world.”

The American-Made Lap-Log is Genius!

If you have an iPad or similar device and tried to use it for reading in bed, you’ve probably discovered its pitfalls. Lay on your back, holding it above your head, and you’ll end up with a sore nose after you doze off and drop it on you face. Lay on your side and it will drop back and crack your partner in the head.

That’s why I just love my new “Lap-Log” by Bamboosa. Produced in the USA, this cute little pillow made of organic twill supports the iPad on your lap or on a table, and you can tilt and squoosh it a bit to adjust the angle of view. A wooden bar support the device from below. Genius!

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