Shaving in the USA: Part Two

In part two of the series on shaving we’re going to give you a breakdown of shave brushes and shave bowls, which you’ll need to hold the soap you went and purchased after the first post.

Hand Thrown Stoneware Shaving Mug
from A Suitable Wardrobe

Shave bowls or scuttles or soap mugs – whatever you want to call them – are basically intended to hold the soap while you make the lather. If it has a little spout for easy drainage of excess water, it’s typically called a scuttle.
Here is a selection of USA made products:

Stoneware Shave Mug from 
W.M. Neumann & Co
Ceramic Apothecary Mug from
Classic Shaving
Another place to look is Etsy, which is a popular market for handcrafted goods. You’ll find some really beautiful hand thrown pottery made by artisans. Here are just a few examples:
Nicole Pangas’ shaving mugs
for zombie afficianados

I just really like Nicole’s stuff!

Dark Blue Dottie Shaving Bowl
by Symmetrical Pottery

These cool shaving bowls are made to order.

So now you have soap and  a mug or scuttle. Next, you will need a shave brush. The best are made from badger or boar hair. The shave brush does a great job of getting the soap to a lather fast, separates whiskers to ensure an even coating and just feels great. Cleaning and caring for your shave brush are fairly simple and again we will refer you to the videos by geofatboy of Shave Nation.

Here is a sampling of shave brushes made in the USA.

Owen & Stork Silvertip Badger brush
Walnut and badger brush from
Flint and Tinder
from Above the Tie
Burl Wood Badger Shaving Brush
from PC Woodcraft
Irish Bog Oak and Badger Brush
from Ultimate Pen

Chop Chop! Five Beautiful Cutting Boards Made in USA

Yoav Liberman Cutting Boards

I recently stopped for breakfast in a bakery in Somerville, MA called Biscuit. The food was great and on the way out I spotted a small display of very cool handmade cutting boards for sale. I took a closer look and saw they were made by a New York artisan named Yoav Liberman. If I hadn’t just bought a new cutting board, I would have grabbed one.


The wood for WILL brand Cutting Boards is reclaimed from trees harvested in the Pacific Northwest, then hand-crafted in Eugene, Oregon

Epicurean Cutting Boards

As for the cutting board I just purchased, it was made in the USA by Epicurean. The reason I like their products is because they are dishwasher safe and I’ve always worried about germs on cutting boards. The boards are made from wood fibers and food-safe resin.

KnifeBlock USA Cutting Board

KnifeBlock USA, located in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, is the source for this beautiful cutting board. The owner, Rick, has been working with wood for more than 30 years. To see a slide show of his creations, go here.

Krug and Ryan Cutting Board

Krug and Ryan, located on Martha’s Vineyard, turns out lovely creations like the one seen above. Because each piece is carefully made by hand from high quality wood, the company offers a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in craftsmanship.

Going in a totally different direction, we have the modern, clean-lined Dexas product line, which are called “Chop and Scoops.” Made of plastic, their bendability allows them to go from cutting surfaces to scoops.


Fuller Brush 1906 line

1906  Line of Fuller Brushes

I remember my grandmother buying brushes from the “Fuller Brush Man” who travelled door-to-door. I thought they were very old-fashioned.  Now the company has reissued its original, made-in-USA, line of products from 1906 for modern homeowners to enjoy. My first thought on seeing the re-released line was, “Wow, so THAT’S how you clean a carafe!” The brushes seem so utterly practical to me now, I wondered why I never saw that before!

So THAT’S how you clean a carafe!

Tobacco in a Candle? It’s All-American.

My husband so enjoys the smell of tobacco that he’s been threatening to take up pipe-smoking. I suggested trying out a tobacco-scented candle instead. After a quick Google search, I found the Pomme Frite Candle Company, which produces its products in California and carries a Teakwood and Tobacco candle.

We ordered it and, so far, he’s happy. The candle has a wonderful smell and the tobacco part of the scent is very subtle. If someone in your house has a similar hankering, here are some other candles you can try:

Portland General Store’s Beeswax Tobacco Candle 
Archipelago Botanicals Bergamot Tobacco Candle
Black Tea and Tobacco Candle Sweet River Candle Co.

Tobacco and Patchouli candle from Paddywax


Five USA-Made Treats to Keep You Sane ‘Til Spring

This has been a nasty, never-ending winter and most of us are more than ready for the spring thaw. While you’re waiting and longing for warmer weather, here are five ideas that will lift your spirits.

Buy a new outfit for spring:

High Socie-tea Dress, Pull Up a Cherry Dress
and Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress at 
Shirts from Hucklebury

Toss some bright pillows on the furniture:

USA-made pillows from Zazzle.

Get ready for spring with some fun backyard furniture:

Recycled designs from Loll Furniture

Throw on a colorful scarf or tie:

Takuyo Silk Scarves
Bentley Cravat’s Silk Critter Ties

Get ready for gardening season:

Sloggers boots from Garden Shoes Online
Mullers Utility Carts



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