Yes, Virginia, There IS a Mrs. Meyer

If you haven’t tried Mrs. Meyer’s wonderful plant and flower scented cleaning products, you’re missing out on a great alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. The inspiration behind the product line is a real person, 81-year-old Thelma Meyer, an Iowa mother of nine (yes, I said NINE).

There are 88 “Made in USA” products on the Mrs. Meyer’s web site, including hand soaps, glass cleaner, dryer sheets, room fresheners and more. With scents like honeysuckle, geranium, lavender, orange spice, and lemon verbena, no wonder the company’s mantra is “Smells like a garden, Cleans like the Dickens.”


Jersey Artisan Distilling

I was very surprised recently to discover a two-year-old distillery in Fairfield, NJ. It’s called Jersey Artisan Distilling and it is the first New Jersey distillery opened since prohibition!

Their award-winning Busted Barrel Rum is now on the market – it’s made with molasses and is incredibly smooth. After a few visits to check things out I can tell you that they are busy working on a vodka that’s triple distilled and charcoal filtered. Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, you can sample their spirits during the afternoon sessions at the Big Brew Festival on February 15, 2014 at the Morristown, NJ Armory.

Here’s a news report from NJTV.


American Boot Icon: Raylan Givens

Nothing says America like a boot-wearing lawman from the Old West. A modern day interpretation is Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), the hero in the FX series “Justified”. While the Lucchese ostrich leg boots he sports are custom-made (note the unique heel shape), the company’s Made in the USA, 1883 collection has a similar pair of boots with a more standard heel.

When shopping on the Lucchese site, you have to click the tiny little “+” next to the boot description to see whether each boot is made in the USA.

Another option is Black Jack Boots, where the web site clearly states “Made in the USA.” Nothing goes better with cowboy boots than a well worn pair of jeans (made in the USA of course)


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