The U.S Economy: Everyone Can Help

I’ve always loved this cartoon because it reminds me of something very important.  Many of the “people in charge” only get to set the rules because we allow it. Corporate executives are sending jobs overseas because they make more money that way. If we just grumble, but keep on buying their products, what’s their incentive to stay in the USA?. By choosing to look for American-made alternatives to these products, I like to see myself as the person stepping off the plank in the cartoon. I know my lone action won’t cause the change, but if others join it, the decision-makers have no choice but to pay attention.
P.S. I wish I knew the name of the cartoonist so I could give credit. I searched online but couldn’t find anything. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.

Ten Places to Find Great-Looking Made-in-USA Handbags

What woman doesn’t love a great bag? It’s the level playing field of fashion. Whether you’re young or old, skinny or fat, a beautiful bag looks good on you! Here are some suggestions if you want to join the Shop USA movement and put your fashion dollars into an American-made bag.

Sundance Catalog (some bags only)

The Story of Stormy Kromer

What a great story behind this American-Made clothing manufacturer! Stormy Kromer was a turn-of-the-century railroad engineer who lost one too many hats while leaning out the side of his locomotive. We’ll let the employees tell you what happened next.


FedEx and Frozen Roses

Does this look “delivered to the door?”

If not for the nice people at 2G Roses in California, I’d be stuck with a bunch of sad-looking Valentine’s Day flowers. 

When I wrote a post about Valentine’s Day gifts last week, I recommended 2G Roses as a source of American-grown flowers. So, my husband decided to give me a treat and order me a dozen mixed-color roses. Lovely, right? Or, at least it would have been if not for a certain Federal Express driver.
The driver basically tossed the box, which was clearly marked “fresh flowers” and “Do not expose to cold” onto the curbside snowbank next to our mailbox. I didn’t venture out that day due to the latest snowstorm, so it wasn’t until my husband got home from work and drove past the mailbox that he saw the box of roses lying there. They were frozen solid. The colors were gorgeous but, when they thawed, it was like they had freezer burn and began wilting immediately. I reported this to Fedex, who informed me the driver’s report said the box had been “delivered to the door.”
The people at 2G were very nice. Even though it was not their fault, they offered to send a new box of roses in the next few days and deal with FedEx themselves.

The Fedex driver did the same exact thing with the replacement flowers, leaving them in the snow at the curb and reporting that they were “delivered to the door.” Luckily, I heard the driver pulling away and ran out to get them. The flowers (above) are beautiful.


Shaving in the USA, Part One: Soap

This is the first in a series of posts I want to write on shaving. Over the next few weeks I’ll break down what’s available to you, including shaving soap, soap dishes, shave creams, razors and aftershave made in America.

I really enjoy shaving. Even though I sport a slight beard growth, I love the feeling of smooth skin right after a my morning shave. Like many men I use a brand name razor with disposable cartridges. Is there a Made-in-USA razor with disposable cartridges? Don’t know. That will be part of my research.
Lets start with shaving soap. There are literally hundreds of shaving soaps made in the USA and there are at least as many fragrances. The nice thing is: it’s soap, so a lot of them are all-natural. Here are just a few samples:

Caswell Massey Shave Soap

WM Neumann

Imperial Barber Products

Col. Ichabod Conk Products

In doing this research I found a summary of independent artisan shave soaps on the Shave Nook you can check out here.

BTW, if you want to check out some really great, informative videos on shaving, check out Geofatboy on youtube. Geofatboy is associated with the shop “Shave Nation,” where you can find several other brands of USA-made shaving soaps.



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