How it all Began…


Paul: “Two years ago, I took a walk down Newburry Street in Boston and happened across a store called Ball and Buck. Everything in the store was Made in America, it was full of great guy-stuff and, to top it off, there was an old-fashioned barber shop in the back. I was blown away. It was through Ball and Buck that I learned about “American Made Matters,” and began to really think about how our purchases could affect American jobs.” “Early in my career, I had two jobs where I had to be involved in the “transition” of American manufacturing facilities to Mexico. It bothered me, but at the time, I guess I saw the loss of American manufacturing as inevitable. I feel differently now. Not only have I begun to feel that the USA needs to revive its manufacturing, but I’ve been very excited by all the American companies, large and small, established or start-up, that are focusing on quality and craftsmanship, and giving us a better product than the importers.” Kathy: “I’ve always loved crafts, so I’ve been buying handmade jewelry, bags and other items from American artists for years. The quality, imagination and craftsmanship was so much better than the imported items at the mall. But now I want to support other types of American businesses and help create American jobs.¬† I’ve been very saddened to see the lengths to which companies are willing to go to cut costs, whether it’s using child labor, having dangerous working conditions, or putting out unsafe products. I’ve decided I’m willing to pay more for a product that is well-made and safely-made in the USA.” So, the search for great America-made products is on! Join us and enjoy the ride.


One couple's search for a Made-in-USA lifestyle