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We’re Paul and Kathy, a NJ couple whose 2014 New Year’s resolution was to buy more American-made goods. No set amount, no specific percentage of our income – just MORE.

At first we thought it would be really hard to locate products “made here.” But we’ve been amazed by the wide variety of Made-in-USA merchandise we’ve found. This site is where we chronicle our adventures and our discoveries.

The Americanologists blog is a labor of love for us, not our livelihood, but we would like the site to at least pay for itself.  That’s why you’ll notice that we sometimes use “affiliate links.” What this means is that certain companies will pay us anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars if you use our link to buy their product. Please support us and buy through our links.

The ads you see in the side columns of our site are either affiliate links or paid-for placements. If you would like to place an ad on our site or a sale announcement on our “USA-Made, On-Sale” section, contact us at info@americanologists.com.

The Americanologists do not accept freebies for review. We only review items we buy ourselves or that we send back to the company after the try-out  – or give away on the site if the merchant agrees. Not judging other sites – this is just what feels right for us.

Thanks for reading and remember to buy American!

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