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A Bag Built Like a Military Truck? It’s Made in Chicago

When you’re reading about men’s style and you see a promo that says “built like a military truck,” you just have to check it out.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!The product was a super-rugged, Made-in-America backpack that’s part of the Military Tarp Collection by Defy Designs of Chicago.  This backpack, along with a duffel shown above, and a weekender bag shown below, are made from the same, ultra-tough 22 oz water-repellent M35 vinyl/canvas used on military vehicles.

Yet, despite their brawn,  these bags still appear sleek and you can go about your day without looking like you’re headed out on a Secret Op.

Straps are padded and made from the same heavy duty webbing material that makes up military seatbelt. The zippers are even water repellent. All of the bags in this collection are designed to meet carry- on requirements and are made in Chicago.



Goruck Gear: Special Forces-Approved Rucksacks

Every time I come across the name Goruck, I envision slogging my way through a tough wooded area or climbing challenging hills. There is a reason for that: Goruck sponsors many outdoor challenge events based on special forces training. In fact, the products we’re showcasing today were developed by an ex-Special Forces soldier who knows a thing or two about being in the wilderness and needing gear that is tough and can hold up to the rigors of the elements.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!Goruck produces bags that are useable in Baghdad or NYC. The company offers a variety of sizes, most of which are TSA-compliant for overhead storage. The bags have enough storage for a solid weekend away, plenty of compartments for your valuables and a durable outer shell made from 1000 denier CORDURA.Let’s just say that these are some really great heavy duty bags built to carry your stuff and last a lifetime (Puppy is optional).Happy Rucking!


Great-Looking New Backpacks From Filson: Unisex and Made in USA

There’s a new backpack in town and it’s a perfect choice for people who love heritage brands.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!
The Filson Medium Backpack, available in three colors, is made by a manufacturer that has been around since 1897. They don’t make all their merchandise in the USA anymore, but they do make their bags here. The bright orange is actually a surprise, since their traditional color palette usually stays in the khaki, moss and brown area.

It’s made of rugged, 22-oz. water-resistant twill with leather trim.And the interior pouch snaps in and out for convenience.


RPMWest’s Quarter-Century Bags: Made in USA

RPMWest was founded by Manuel Rappard, and I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him a little over a year ago. From his studio in LA, Rappard started out making jeans, later added Quarter-Century Pants and Jackets, and now, he’s debuted the Quarter Century Backpack and Duffel.eb09c1d067934aca9ee3ed98b525796d_originalCurrently live on Kickstarter, these bags come with RPMWest’s 25 year guarantee.RpmbackpackLike previous campaigns, RPMWest quickly reached its initial goal and there is still a month to go. In my opinion, this success can be attributed to the fact that the company isn’t just throwing product out there. They give every item serious thought.TrainThe backpack, for instance, is made from waxed canvas, is water resistant. and has some beautiful leather accents. It features plenty of pockets including one that’s RFID protected, plus, a secure place for your laptop and a key holder. The duffle bag is solidly constructed waxed canvas with 34 liters of storage capacity.

RpmwestThe bags are available in 6 colors.
BagsrpmwestIf you purchase one of the bags, you have the options of buying these handy add-on items.8b8a1f0a07bf72568236ad5b897b4c6c_originalI feel with this latest addition to the RPMWest product offering, you now have all the basics for whatever adventure lies ahead.



Weatherproof Suede Bags from Filson: Made in USA

Seattle-based Filson is one of those 100+-year-old companies you can always count on to bring something new and interesting to market, some of it still made in the USA.11070434saddlebrwn-alt3_2The company  recently introduced a line of bags made with what they’re calling Rough-Out Boot-Leather Weatherproof Suede.  “Rough-out” leather is simply leather with a “rough” surface – the suede – facing out. In some products, rough out leather can be thin and delicate, but the Filson bags are described as, “Full-grain, rough-out boot-leather…weatherproofed during the tanning process so that it can withstand punishing conditions for generations.”

It warms my heart to think there are still companies out there making products that you can expect to give to your kids one day.
11070434saddlebrwn-main_1_3Because the leather is presented rough side out, the bags have great texture. The leathers come from two of the most respected tanneries in the US: Horween (rough-out boot leather) and Wicket and Craig (bridle leather trim). 11070435saddlebrwn-main_1_1The line of products includes a backpack big enough to carry a lap top or enough clothes for an overnighter.11070445saddlebrwn-mainAlso, available are this snap wallet, the tote bag pictured above and the medium pouch shown below.11070444saddlebrown-mainEvery piece comes tanned in a “natural” saddle color but, like all leather goods, just have a little patience while they break-in and you’ll  get that unique patina from everyday use.