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Lots of American-Made Work Clothing On Sale for St. Patrick’s Day

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

A enormous amount of Made-in-USA workwear is on sale during an 11-day St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Working Person’s Store. Through March 27, get 17% off any order of $125 or more with promo code POTOFGOLD and free shipping on any order over $49. The offer applies only to full price items, though sale items will come up in the searches below.If you need new boots, this is a great time to buy. Brands such as Wolverine, Chippewa, ThorogoodBates and more are included in the sale.Carhartt work pants are also included…Along with various brands of shirts.Or pick up a whole range of Filson products.Work knives are offered too.

Click to see all the Made-in-USA workwear.

Regards, Kathy

Want Wool-Lined Boots Made in the USA? Here You Go!

Yesterday morning when I took our dog for a walk, it hit me just how quickly the weather here in NJ has changed. It is cold out there! I mean really cold, 36 degrees to be exact.woolrichbootusa2So, later in the day,  when I saw these Woolrich Yankee lined boots, I figured I owed it to our readers to feature them in a post. I believe that you need to be comfortable no matter what the weather, but you also need to look good and that goes for casual clothing as well as dress clothing. I think these boots handle that balancing act perfectly.dg0corkqnx_yankee-wool_lined_3_originalI love the idea that they are wool-lined for warmth and I would pair them with an American-Made wool sock.  What could be better than toasty-warm feet courtesy of a handmade USA boot, crafted from American Horween leather and lined with wool woven in Pennsylvania?

zsl9samztv_yankee-wool_lined_4_originalThere are some nice little touches on these boots, like the stacked-leather heel and the stitching. The Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram sole mean you are going to be able own these for a very long time, as long as you have a good cobbler to help maintain them.272uyhrjph_yankee-wool_lined_2_originalWe’re always happy to see new products made by Woolrich or using Woolrich wool. It gives us a lift after our depressing visit to the Woolrich Factory store back in 2014. Woolrich Squatch Boots are also  American made.

So wear these well, stay warm and look good.




Hey, Orvis! What’s New? (and Made in America)

The current Labor Day Sale at Orvis gives you $20 off a $100 purchase with code SAVE20. Happy Shopping!

We checked out the Orvis site this week and they have some new merchandise that’s not only really fine-looking, but Made in the USA.PattinsonIIJacket

The Pattinson II JacketBootleggerDuffel

The Bootlegger Small Duffel.DirtySuedeBoot

Dirty Suede Boots.CaptoeOxford

Made in USA Cap-Toe Oxford.OrvisGokeyToteGokey Montana Morning Leather Totes.WisconsinJacketWisconsin Jacket.SantaRosaBootSanta Rosa Western Boots.OrvisCafeHatWestern Cafe Hat.SuedeOutBootsGokey Suede-Out Chukka BootGokeyWedgeBootGokey Bison Leather Wedge OxfordGokeyMocassinGokey® Lug-Sole Camp Moccasin.

Regards, Kathy

The Many Lives of My American-Made Boots

I finally wore through my Wolverine boots this week after about 4 years of heavy wear. The uppers were still in great shape, but the sole needed to be replaced and so did the heels.MadeinUSA_Boot3No worries, though – one of the best things about quality boots is that you can send many of them back to the manufacturer to be re-crafted (new soles, new heels, etc.). I’m having my local cobbler do the work, though, because he sold me the shoes and he runs a multi-generation business that I like to support.MadeinUSA_Boot2Since we started our Made-in-USA journey, my goal has been to slowly replace worn-out clothing, shoes, home goods – anything  – with Made-in-USA choices. I’ve found that I really enjoy wearing well-made shoes and boots. Part of it is comfort, part of it is pride in my appearance and the rest is that great feeling of getting your money’s worth. I still have some shoes from the days before we started to write this blog and while they were much more affordable, a few of them can’t be repaired because of the original (cheap) method of construction. That’s something you definitely want to check out when you shop for footwear.

Of course, the initial investment on high quality boots can be hard to swallow. American boots cost way more than footwear coming from overseas. Are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. I plan to wear them for many, many years and, in the long run, I will have spent less money while getting to wear better boots AND helping to keep jobs in America.

WolverineRemember, with quality footwear, there’s also the fact that proper care will make your investment last longer. I learned from my shoemaker that you can add years to your boots by never wearing them 2 days in a row. Moisture collects on the inside of the boot and must be allowed to dry out frequently. The leather on a boot that you wear every day will deteriorate much faster than a pair that gets some rest. That’s my alternate pair above.

My boots should take about a week to repair and then I’ll add the “after” picture to this post.



Deep Discounts on Made-in-USA Boots at Sierra Trading Post

Over the past few years we’ve bought a number of items at Sierra Trading Post. If you are willing to be patient and wait for the right item to come along, there are some impressive savings to be had. Take today for example. If you’re in the market for some boots, there are some great pairs for men and women on sale for more than 50% off.

Sizes are somewhat limited but, as of the writing of this post, there were plenty available in the typical size range. Check out a sampling of what is available:timberland-coulter-9-eye-boots-leather-for-men-in-brown-distressed~p~9822r_01~460.2Timberland Coulter 9 eye boots.timberland-coulter-boots-leather-pull-ons-for-men-in-dark-brown~p~9822p_04~460.2Timberland Coulter Pull-on boots.red-wing-heritage-classic-chukka-boots-factory-2nds-for-men-in-sage~p~103kc_02~460.2Red Wing Heritage Classic Chukka. These are factory seconds, which is fine with me since I usually have my new shoes scuffed up pretty good by the second wearing.

wolverine-1000-mile-eldon-desert-chukka-boots-for-men-in-tan~p~9721t_01~460.2Wolverine 1000 Mile Eldon Chukka.

vintage-shoe-company-erin-leather-boots-for-women-in-havana-harness-full-grain~p~107jd_02~460.2And here is one for the ladies, the Vintage Shoe Company’s Erin boot.

To see the full list of Made-in-USA boots available, all of which are discounted to some degree, go here. And to see  all of the company’s American-made offerings, use these links:

Good luck finding that great bargain.