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Women’s Dress Coats On Sale at Nordstrom

Just in time for the cool weather comes a coat sale for lovers of high quality, American-made outerwear.

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The coat-maker Fleurette was founded in 1949 and is known for its high-quality, tailored styles. All Fleurette coats are designed and manufactured in New York City.As they say on the company website, Fleurette “harkens back to the time when quality was the norm, when output was measured in hundreds, not thousands. Manufactured in a large modern facility, our coats pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor. At Fleurette, each coat is still finished by hand …one at a time.”

Regards, Kathy

Comfy Sweats Disguised as Dresses: Made in USA

betsycookWe recently heard from Betsy Cook, designer and owner of the indie clothing brand, National Picnic. She wanted to let us know about the Kickstarter campaign for her best-selling item: a dress that wears like a comfy pair of sweats.dressShe’s calling the project the American-Made Dress Project, because she wants to keep the garment as American as possible. The organic cotton in the cotton/poly sweatshirt fabric comes from Texas, the fabric is from a mill in North Carolina and a Pennsylvania contractor is being looked at to do the sewing.

sweatshirtdress2“Keeping the dress as American-made as possible keeps my customers happy,” Cook says. “Fans of my brand care about where their clothing comes from and how it is made, so my business’s growth should be growth they can feel good about…Besides all that, it’s a ridiculously comfortable dress that many women already love wearing.”

To see Betsy’s existing collection, go to National Picnic.

Regards, Kathy


New Men’s Product Line Inspired by G.I. Joe

gijoe0The folks at Huckberry have just introduced a collection of gear inspired by G.I. Joe – and it includes some very cool American-made items.gijoe12

The G.I. Joe Quarter Century Jacket was designed by RPM. It gets its lines from a vintage deck jacket and gets its lining design from G.I. Joe comic elements. Its quality is guaranteed for a full 25 years – hence the “quarter Century” name. The jacket is made from US-made 12oz duck canvas, which is more tightly woven and stronger than other canvas fabrics..gijoe7Years ago, every young boy’s favorite underwear had G.I. Joe on them. Now, underwear-maker extraordinaire Flint and Tinder has brought back an adult-size replica brief.gijoe13…and a boxer if that’s your preference.gijoe3

This limited-edition G.I. Joe duffel bag is made in the USA by Hudson Sutler, a company known for its heavy duty construction.

So is the G.I. Joe Dopp Kitt.

gijoe10This G.I. Joe Logo Tee comes from a Philadelphia-based brand  called The Decades. gijoeThe Slub Pocket Tee comes was made by a Flint and Tinder.

gijoe9The Cobra Commander Jacket was also made by The Decades.

gijoe11 gijoe8 gijoe4

Various other tees and caps round out the American-made portion of the collection.

Unfortunately, Huckberry fumbled the ball with the G.I. Joe boots. In my opinion, seeing an imported boot from Eastland, a company that also makes similar boots in Maine, was a disappointment

It’s Fall: Check-Out Duckworth’s Merino Wool Garments

duckworth_wool3Over the last few years we have really come to appreciate the comfort of wool and especially merino wool. Gone are the days when a wool garment meant an uncomfortable scratchy feel against your body. Today’s soft, high quality, lightweight wool fibers can be used in base layers, single-layers and even all-weather garments. Yes, you can wear wool all year!duckworth_woolThat’s the message put out by Duckworth, a source-verified wool company based in Montana, which uses 100% Helle Rambouillet merino wool. The company claims that the elevation and natural conditions where the sheep are raised helps create a very unique wool fiber.duckworth_wool2Duckworth garments are 100% Made in USA. The sheep are from Montana and the wool is shipped to the Carolinas for spinning, knitting and sewing.

To support the Americanologists, you can buy Duckworth garments through  Backcountry  or Huckberry (we get a small commission from the sale). You can also buy direct from the company.



What We Saw at the 2016 American Field Show (Part Two)

Today, we continue our coverage of the American Field Pop-up Market in Boston, which we attended over the weekend.img_0654Angie Hill Yu of Jade Deco Jewelry had some knockout pieces for sale.img_0635Katherine Zeren displayed a very nice collection of neckties, bow ties and pocket squares.img_0370The New Balance booth featured the company’s Made-in-USA line. That’s Don Pineda on the left and Kali Miranda on the rightimg_0689 Robin Cohen of Doves and Figs makes delicious preserves from local fruit. We had her yummy cranberry mustard before; this time we picked up preserves made from blackberries and Earl Grey Tea!img_0662Jarrett Blackmon was representing Damn Handsome Grooming Company, a business he started with his wife Bridget.img_0648Rachel Onman of Doomed NYC (motto: “Life will be the death of me”), makes wonderful dopp kit-type bags that unfurl into beautiful tool rolls and can be strapped to a motorcycle or bike.img_0588Marie Thompson (right) revealed that Boston Bag Co will be releasing a whole new line of bags. If they are as attractive as their current line, we’re in for a treat.

img_0598The most charming sales rep at the show was baby Massimo Bari, whose parents, Fabio and Marina Bari and grandfather Carmelo Bari own Bridge & Boro, specializing in jeans and shirts. I was particularly impressed by the blouse hoodie for women that Marina was wearing.img_0633Laura Kloosterman and LK Weiss of Bowline Company showed us their neckties and bowties for men and women.

img_0508Jason Aleksa of Stonehill Design creates lighting fixtures by repurposing items from earlier times. We saw vintage phones, fans, cameras and more turned into lamps that are real conversation starters. img_0540Terry White and Mike Petrakis manned the Wolaco booth, which featured innovative workout wear for men.img_0549I fell in love with  Thorn & Bloom‘s natural fragrances, created by perfumer Jennifer Botto.img_0443R. Murphy Knives had a brand new cutting board where the knife slides into a groove and is held there by either magnets or magic – we’re not sure. Their hunting knives are shown at left.