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A Bag Built Like a Military Truck? It’s Made in Chicago

When you’re reading about men’s style and you see a promo that says “built like a military truck,” you just have to check it out.

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post: Please do!The product was a super-rugged, Made-in-America backpack that’s part of the Military Tarp Collection by Defy Designs of Chicago.  This backpack, along with a duffel shown above, and a weekender bag shown below, are made from the same, ultra-tough 22 oz water-repellent M35 vinyl/canvas used on military vehicles.

Yet, despite their brawn,  these bags still appear sleek and you can go about your day without looking like you’re headed out on a Secret Op.

Straps are padded and made from the same heavy duty webbing material that makes up military seatbelt. The zippers are even water repellent. All of the bags in this collection are designed to meet carry- on requirements and are made in Chicago.



Peg+Awl: Recycled Magic, USA-Made

Kathy and I really enjoy this adventure that we call, “The Americanologists.” While it is a shared passion, it’s very unusual for both of us, on the same day,  to say, “Hey, I found some really interesting products that we should write about,” and find we’re both talking about the same company.PegandwllogoBut that’s exactly what happened with Peg and Awl, although, the products appeal to us for different reasons. I like the rugged, broken-in, passed-down-through-three-generations look of the product line while Kathy is crazy about their design sense.Pegawl1Peg and Awl is a Philadelphia, PA based company formed by husband and wife team Walter and Margaux Kent. They are avid recyclers and repurposers . Old fabric, leather, wood or any interesting items they find becomes the foundation of the next cool project for this creative team.pegandawlbagsFor starters, their bags, made from waxed canvas, are unique and very appealing.PegandAwl_CaddiesAnd they do wonders with scraps of recycled wood, creating caddies for desk and dresser, worktable and wall, that I would love to own.PegandAwl_BreadbagsThe line of waxed canvas made to look like paper bags is brilliant. Need a cool lunch bag?A10jr29oqgL._SL1500_Kitchen items include this mess hall knife rackCheeseboard…and a number of good-looking serving pieces.

A1yiRjLoBRL._SL1500_Need a place to sit? How about this folding stool.

71RFhWY8VwL._SL1500_And an old fashioned swing will make any kid (of any age) smile.

To see all of their products, go here.



RPMWest’s Quarter-Century Bags: Made in USA

RPMWest was founded by Manuel Rappard, and I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him a little over a year ago. From his studio in LA, Rappard started out making jeans, later added Quarter-Century Pants and Jackets, and now, he’s debuted the Quarter Century Backpack and Duffel.eb09c1d067934aca9ee3ed98b525796d_originalCurrently live on Kickstarter, these bags come with RPMWest’s 25 year guarantee.RpmbackpackLike previous campaigns, RPMWest quickly reached its initial goal and there is still a month to go. In my opinion, this success can be attributed to the fact that the company isn’t just throwing product out there. They give every item serious thought.TrainThe backpack, for instance, is made from waxed canvas, is water resistant. and has some beautiful leather accents. It features plenty of pockets including one that’s RFID protected, plus, a secure place for your laptop and a key holder. The duffle bag is solidly constructed waxed canvas with 34 liters of storage capacity.

RpmwestThe bags are available in 6 colors.
BagsrpmwestIf you purchase one of the bags, you have the options of buying these handy add-on items.8b8a1f0a07bf72568236ad5b897b4c6c_originalI feel with this latest addition to the RPMWest product offering, you now have all the basics for whatever adventure lies ahead.



22 Terrific Duffel Bags Made in the USA

Last updated: September 27, 2016.

There are numerous joys in owning a good duffel bag. For me, it’s a constant quest to beat my own record of how long I can travel with just the contents of one bag, while simultaneously gloating at how much less space I need than my wife. It must be hereditary, because, when our daughter was younger, she could jam an astounding amount of equipment and clothing into her sports duffel.

So whether you are packing your belongings for some great adventure or you just need something to hold the kids’ gear, there is probably a duffel in your future. There are many USA-Made choices and prices range widely depending on the materials and craftsmanship:woven-duffel 9-df_dufflebagLet’s start with Allen Edmonds.They have multiple duffel bag styles – all high-end and great-looking. The two newest styles are shown above, from top: The Square Top Woven Duffel,  the  and the Half-Moon Zip Duffel.
Orvis Tartan DuffelLet’s move on to Orvis, where the Tartan Weekender  is their newest duffel.

gokeyThe Gokey Duffels from Orvis are also incredibly stylish.seattlesport

Looking for a deal? Sierra Trading posts usually has a few different American-made duffels to choose from.  (For some reason, the search for duffels brings up a few other USA-made bags too)gigiduffel

Gigi New York is best known as a maker of beautifully feminine handbags. But now it’s the guys’ turn: Check out the Henley duffel bag.pegandawlThe handmade Weekender Bag from Peg & Awl is made in Philadelphia.SteerhideDuffelThe American Steerhide duffel from Orvis has looks and personality.wolverineduffelThe Wolverine 1000 Mile duffel bag is made of heavy duty canvas and Horween Chromexcel® leather.

kaufmanduffelThis waxed canvas bag is a collaboration between Kaufmann Mercantile and the Wm. J. Mills Company, which started out as a sail-making shop on Long Island, NY.ShinolaDuffelShinola’s Duffel Bag looks great in navy.nordstromduffelsA variety of American-made duffels is usually available at Nordstrom.tucker_bloomTucker & Bloom makes a number of different duffel bag styles.GunnarDuffelCheck out the gorgeous Gunnar Duffel from Go Forth Goods. It’s available in three colors. JoshuVelaDuffelHow about a Joshu + Vela duffel bag made in San Francisco?503367246_product_1

The American-made Lotuff Duffels have sleek European styling.

91003-Railroad-1-heroRedoxx Railroad Grip DuffelFilsonDuffelThe Filson 48 -Hour Duffelimage_43089

Filson Medium Duffel and Extra Large Duffle

_7272547From Ghurka comes a whole collection of duffel bags, including the stunning ‘Cavalier II’ Travel Duffel Bag above.

duffel_1.5 Bad Bags Duffel, recommended by one of our readers.


Frost River Flight Bag


Topo X Woolrich Duffel

Outback_DuffelWaterfield Designs Outback Duffel


The Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel is one of many duffel bags available at the Duluth Pack site.

BP_N_Back_1200x-750x500Collected Works Military Duffel Backpack

ginylondufflebagArmy Surplus World GI Duffle

Tough Traveler Fitness Duffel


The Tactical Tailor Enhanced Duffel

army-green-duffel-bag-owen-and-fred_grandeOwen and Fred Work Hard Play Hard Duffel