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Ten Easter Must-Haves: USA-Made

I don’t know how you celebrated Easter as a kid, if you celebrated it at all. But today, I’m going to tell you about the way my family did it; as a mildly-religious celebration of spring’s arrival. These were the must-haves:

eco-eggs_20151. You must have colored eggs:
You can pick up any number of imported egg-dyeing kits at your local supermarket, but there are also some eco-friendly, made-in-USA alternatives, like Eco-Eggs. Keep in mind that natural dyes from fruits and vegetables produce beautiful, but much softer colors and can take longer to fully saturate the egg. Take your kids’ patience – and yours – into account.AmishBasket2. You must have easter baskets:  Most of the Easter baskets you see in the store are cheap imports. Why not get a good basket and start a tradition of using it every year? Check out these Amish-made baskets.Ecograss3. You must have Easter basket grass: We used the plastic stuff when I was a kid, but now you can buy recyclable, biodegradable paper “Eco-grass.”

CenterpieceBunny4. You must have chocolate rabbits:
These huge standing bunnies are from Bissingers. The company makes a wide variety of Easter candies, including those shown at the top of the post.peeps5. You must have Peeps. Enough said.JellyBelly6. You must have Jelly beans!

LambCake7. You must have that slightly scary lamb cake your grandma used to make. Nordic Ware makes the cake mold in the USA.

dr28. You must have an Easter Outfit: These Kids’ Dream Flower Power dresses are as cute as can be and perfect to celebrate the colors of spring.lito9. …or an Easter suit. And the Boy’s suits from Lito are adorable.image10. Finally, you must make some in-your-face statement about the arrival of Easter outside your house, whether it be  special Easter flags and mailbox covers,  or some Giant Weatherproof Easter Eggs in the shrubbery!