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The Latest Designs from a Famed American Furniture Maker

We’ve decided to expand our “What’s New” feature from one week to two. Hope you enjoy it.We’ve visited the Thomas Moser store in Boston several times and been amazed by the design perfection of its product line. Though its inspiration comes from 18th century America, this furniture would be at home in any modern room. The company’s two newest products are the Foreside Bed, shown at the top of the page, and the Hoops Mirror line.The mirrors, available in three sizes, take design cues from Shaker boxes and traditional mirrors, but have a modern twist. They are offered in walnut, white oak, and cherry.

The bed is almost stark in its simplicity, but a closer look reveals details that suggest a traditional Windsor Chair. Below are a few shots we took on our most recent trip to the store, located at:
19 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
phone: 617-224-1245

Regards, Kathy

New, Modern Sleeper Sofas: Made in USA

Disclosure: We’ll get a small commission if you buy through the links in this post. Please do!

Apt 2B, a company that makes some very attractive modern chairs and sofas in the USA, says that it has repeatedly received requests from customers to create a sleeper sofa. They recently decided to respond and you can see their new sleeper sofa designs here.

Below are a few examples of the line, which has both queen-size and apartment sleeper sofas in a wide variety of fabrics.

According to Apt 2B, “Our queen-size and apartment sleeper sofas are made in the U.S. with the finest craftsmanship. In fact, most are constructed right in Los Angeles, with certified sustainable, locally sourced materials, so they appeal to the environmentalist in you while not costing a fortune. They have features like solid wood frames, thick innerspring pillow top mattresses, high-density foam cushions and breathable hypo-allergenic fabrics that are easily cleaned.”


To see all the Made-in-USA merchandise at Apt 2B, go here.


John Boos & Co: American Butcher Block Icon

John Boos is a 125+ year old company out of Effingham, IL making butcher block products that are the envy of home cooks and professional chefs alike. The company got into this line of work almost by accident. Founder Conrad Boos made a block of sycamore with legs for the town blacksmith to absorb the strikes from his anvil.  The local butcher spotted it and wanted something similar for his butcher shop. And another American business was born.ButcherBlockThis is the item that most people associate with John Boos, the massive Professional Butcher’s Blocks made from Northern Hard Rock Maple and available in multiple sizes.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I see a 16″ thick traditional butcher block in walnut my first thought is ‘don’t you dare take a cleaver to that,’ but that’s what it’s made for.cherryblocdefoyer_1_hOver time, the company came to design items more suited to the home, such as the  Block de Foyer, featuring a 5″ tick Cherry end grain top.RusticaButcherBlockAnd the Rustica Line for those who prefer a country kitchen.
cuttingThere is something very satisfying when you pick up a substantial piece of wood. Not only is there the heft but also the visual of the wood grain. Boos offers a variety of cutting boards, some of them quite substantial. The cutting board above features Northern Hard Rock Maple, juice groove and stainless steel handles.JohnBoosButcherBlockAnother area that the company expanded into was stainless steel. I really like the combination seen in the Cucina Americana above.

There are over 1,000 Made-in-USA products from John Boos and you can see the rest here.

When you purchase a piece of furniture or working gear from a company like John Boos you will pay a high price, but this is an item that, with proper care, will last a very long time. And while it might not be that sexy, you should invest in Boos Block natural cream to help care for and preserve the wood.


Rustic Bedroom Set from Reclaimed Barn Wood: Made in USA

I was checking to see what was new on the Sundance site, part of Robert Redford’s group that gives us the Sundance Film Festival. They carry quite a few Made-in-USA items and I thought this bedroom set was pretty interesting.

It’s called the Pacifica Barnwood Collection and it’s made from reclaimed barn wood exclusively for Sundance. It has a rustic look perfect for a vacation cabin. There are 4 pieces.BarnwoodFurnitureUSA1Pacifica Barnwood Platform BedBarnwoodFurnitureUSA6 Pacifica Barn Wood Dresser, High
BarnwoodFurnitureUSA5Pacifica Barnwood Nightstand
BarnwoodFurnitureUSA3Pacifica Barnwood Dresser, Low
BarnwoodFurnitureUSA2In this close-up you can see the richness of the wood.

See all of the unique Made-in-USA furniture at Sundance.

Regards, Kathy

The Playful Modernist: An Interview with Designer Andrew Coslow

AndrewCoslow1My interview with designer Andrew Coslow came about because I’d been searching online for an American-made credenza.AndrewCoslow2One of my favorite designs was the FU_Barlow, a beautiful modern piece that caught my eye, not just because of the space it occupies, but because of the space it does not. I was so intrigued by the design that I just had to look up more work by the person who made it. That’s when I found the ByAndrewCoslow shop on Amazon Handmade.AndrewCoslow3I was very impressed with the way all the pieces in the collection showed the same laser-sharp, mature design sensibility, a feat that many designers achieve later in their careers, if at all. Yet, the page featured a photo of a surprisingly young-looking guy.AndrewCoslowMy next surprise came when I glanced at the contact information for Andrew Coslow and saw that he was located only an hour from my house. I called him immediately and a week later I was standing on a cliff in Union City, New Jersey, with Coslow (and his dog, Winston), admiring the beautiful view of Hoboken and New York City that he enjoys from his workspace.AndrewCoslow5It’s located in this 1916 factory building; the kind of place that some Americans find scary and depressing, but is beloved by many of us who grew up in the industrial Northeast, especially when there are still creative people making magic inside. Coslow told me how he loves gaining knowledge from older craftsmen who are his fellow tenants .AndrewCoslow4Coslow described how he has worked in this space for 4 years, designing his own furniture line and supplementing his income with wood and metalworking for various contractors.AndrewCoslow7The furniture that Andrew Coslow makes has a friendly, accessible vibe, but you’d never call it cute. It is modern, but not austere; strong but elegant in the way of a ballet dancer. His inspiration is clearly Scandinavian, but the furniture has a playfulness that is All-American. (That playfulness is also apparent in the naming of the credenza mentioned above. He tells how he was commissioned to design it for a friend named Barlow, who was unable to come up with the cash at completion. Hence, the FU_Barlow moniker, though they remain friends.)AndrewCoslow6The backstory only makes the collection more interesting. When Coslow was first designing it, he lived in a fifth floor walk-up apartment in Hoboken. His tools were limited to “a chop box, a drill gun and a sander.” This meant that every piece of furniture was limited to parts and materials he could carry up and down the stairs by himself and fabricate with his tiny tool collection. These limitations didn’t stifle his creativity, they drove it to a higher level.AndrewCoslow8His first creation was his own bed, above.

AndrewCoslow10The collection also features some non-furniture items, including several skateboards…AndrewCoslow11…and some pet items, modeled online by Winston.AndrewCoslow9Coslow says he hopes that, one day, he can make a living solely from his furniture – a goal that seems well within reach for someone of his talent. He says he knows it won’t be easy. In fact, Coslow  almost went belly-up once already, when he overstaffed after a flush, but temporary, period of contracting work. He seems undaunted, though, saying he probably has “more mistakes to make” on the way to his goals.

One of my goals is to have Andrew Coslow make me a credenza one day. However, I’m going to wait until I’m certain I can afford it. The FU_Kathy design is something I’d rather not see on his website.

Regards, Kathy